Cyclone Analogic TT-303 - Analogue Mono Synth

Cyclone Analogic TT-303


30 years on, the sound of Roland’s iconic TB-303 bass synth remains as popular as it’s ever been. So popular, in fact, that Roland brought the TB-303 back to life earlier this year with the release of the AIRA range. The TB-3 is disqualified from contention for our list as a result of its virtual analogue sound engine, which means we have to look elsewhere for an alternative.

Despite its appearance, the BassBot TT-303 isn’t an officially licensed clone of the TB-303. What we have here is essentially a very well implemented unofficial x0xb0x-style clone of the original, built into a case so close to the TB’s that it’s easily mistaken for the real thing at a quick glance. More importantly, the sound is just as authentic: this is a very very realistic clone of the classic 303 sound.

The TT-303 won’t win any prizes for versatility, but then again neither did the TB-303. You won’t get a synth which can lend its hand to a wide range of sounds, but what you will get is the classic 303 sound plus a feature set updated for the 21st century: MIDI input, a more user-friendly sequencer, a built-in arpeggiator and even intelligent pattern generation.



28th July, 2014

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