Moog Voyager - Analogue Mono Synth

Moog Voyager


It somehow seems only right that Moog should secure the final spot on our list with the Voyager. After all, it was Bob Moog who pioneered the portable analogue monosynth way back in 1970 with the original Minimoog Model D, and the Voyager is perhaps the ultimate evolution of that original design, introduced in 2002, three years before Moog’s death.

At this kind of price point the options get serious. You could go for something boutique like a Macbeth micromac or wait for the release of the hotly anticipated DSI Pro 2, Dave Smith’s self-proclaimed “ultimate monosynth”. Instead, we’re playing it safe and sticking with the modern incarnation of the greatest monosynth ever made. Bob Moog started this, and it’s with Bob Moog that we’ll leave it. The Voyager is the continuation of the Minimoog story, a lasting tribute to the revolutionary impact of Moog’s instruments.

You can take your pick from the Rack-Mount Edition or even the staggeringly expensive but equally impressive XL. (We’re big fans of the recently discontinued Old School too – snap one up while you still can!) But we’ll pick the sensible choice of the lot, if such a thing exists. The Performer Edition is a hand-crafted, all-analogue synth which introduces just enough modern features to keep things interesting without diluting the classic spirit which made the Minimoog such a hit.

Three oscillators. Two Moog ladder filters. Assignable touchpad interface. Over 800 on-board presets.

The sound? Classic Moog.



28th July, 2014

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