The Content Audio Toolkit from Waves is out now and includes the Playlist Rider plugin.

The music industry’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been to try and keep the party going. Despite the many restrictions in place on all sectors, dance music has displayed a remarkable resilience all things considered. Initiatives such as Beatport’s live streaming triumph and Defected Records Virtual Festival have embodied how content can help fill the current void.

Waves have therefore released the Content Creator Toolkit to help artists bloggers, Youtubers, vloggers and podcasters to get the most out their content. The toolkit is a new bundle that includes:

  • NS1 Automatic Noise Suppressor for removing background noise.
  • Greg Wells VoiceCentric, an effective tool combining EQ, compression and de-essing into one smart control and significantly improving the quality of voice recordings.
  • Playlist Rider for automatically smoothing out the levels of multiple audio sources (host, guest, music, etc.) in the same podcast, live stream or video.
  • WLM Plus Loudness Meter to deliver the right loudness levels for YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other major platforms.

The plugins all ship with presets designed for all major content platforms including Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Apple Music and are compatible with the major DAWs.

Playlist Rider


The biggest time save here is arguably the Playlist Rider. Real-time automation or retrospective levelling in post-production can be a drain on the time and creativity but the Playlist Rider can help ease the pain. Volume management can be managed with a ‘set and forget’ method allowing multiple sources to be automatically adjusted in real-time achieving consistent levels throughout. Why not use a Limiter? In truth a Limiter will provide some of these services except the dynamics will crush your dynamic range whereas the Playlist Rider offers smoother results by using input thresholds. In that regard, it’s particularly useful for live engineers also.

Waves have recently announced a subscription model giving three plugin subscription plans: Silver, Gold and Platinum bundles ranging from $6.99 to $19.99 a month. If you’re looking to streamline your content then the Content Creator Audio Toolkit is available now.

26th April, 2020

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