Vochlea is running a huge sale of 30% off of their Voice-to-MIDI software Dubler 2. The sale also applies to their Dubler Studio Kit 2 which includes their custom USB microphone and Ableton Live Intro.

The UK-based company’s Voice-to-MIDI technology and AI Audio Engine aim to bridge the gap between mind and music making software. Their software allows users to do things like trigger drum samples by beatboxing, hum MIDI melodies, sing MIDI chord progressions, and control effects with the timbre of their voice.

The big difference to other audio-to-MIDI tech is that this is all done in real-time and not via post-processing. You can also use any dynamic microphone with the software.

Dubler 2 was launched back in September 2021 and has undergone significant updates since then, with the most notable being an additional companion plugin that cleans up the MIDI you record.

Only a couple weeks ago, this companion plugin was given another revamp, with the new version bringing a slew of new features, including:

  • Improvement of the overall MIDI Capture algorithm results in more accurate and cleaner MIDI.
  • Session clip history. MIDI Capture will now save previous recordings, allowing users to stay in the zone while not losing any versions of their idea.
  • Automatic key suggestions. MIDI Capture now automatically finds the closest matching key to the sung idea, meaning users don’t have to worry about selecting a key for their track while starting to work.
  • The ability to capture drum triggers and chords with MIDI Capture. You used only to be able to capture monophonic melodies with the companion plugin, but now you can navigate between triggers and pitch/chords through the icons in the top left and right corners of the plugin.

MIDI Capture With Dubler 2

How Midi Capture Works

Vochlea’s sale of 30% off ends on December 1st 23:59 GMT.

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27th November, 2023

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