Amsterdam native Tom Trago talks about his musical roots, inspiration and why he doesn’t consider himself a record collector.

Trago, right, at ADE (photo: Jesaja Hizkia)

Trago, right, at Sonos Studio AMS (photo: Jesaja Hizkia)

As part of the Sonos Studios AMS temporary home at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, Tom Trago and Elias Mazian came in for a listening session.

Speakers at this year’s edition of Sonos Studio Amsterdam included the likes of Derrick May, DJ Vadim and Osunlade in addition to Trago himself. With permanent bases in London and Los Angeles and pop-up events taking place globally, Sonos Studios were launched in 2012 to encourage artists to experiment and share ideas.

In his interview, Trago explains why he doesn’t consider himself a collector and discusses some of the places he finds inspiration, from conversations with friends all the way through to a recent exhibition of French visual artist Henri Matisse’s work:

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources. Can you give an example of how this has worked for you? 

My inspiration comes from a lot of different sources! Sometimes, I get really inspired by conversations with friends about certain things in life. They can help you figure out the direction of your music. I can go into the studio straight away with a clear mind and very strong idea. Stuff comes out way easier and faster.

I also went to see the Matisse exhibition at a museum here in Amsterdam recently. He made these clothes for priests, and I was so blown away by these clothes that I became full of inspiration to create myself. Not necessarily in a specific direction, but just to make something, and my way of making something is music most of the time.

Tune into the full interview and listen to the podcast here.

6th November, 2015

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