Soundtoys has announced its huge Black Friday plugin sale. Save big and save early this Black Friday season and beat the cost of living crisis. Plus you get a free plugin with Little Radiator!

Can you think of another company with such revered plugins that release so little? Soundtoys have a killer arsenal, widely used but with almost no new plugins to mention over several years.

Form is temporary and class is permanent and the Soundtoys plugins still sound good and contemporary. Why fix what’s not broken?

Today the Burlington, VT-based company has slashed prices on pro effects software for the annual Black Friday Sale which runs through Monday, November 28th.

What’s included in the Soundtoys Black Friday Sales?

Soundtoys 5 $499 > $229

Effect Rack $299 > $129

Individual Plug-ins $99-199 > $29-49

Little Radiator – $79FREE (with code HOLIDAYHEAT)

In a special message from Ken Ken Bogdanowicz “During this Black Friday Sale, we’ve lowered the price of our Soundtoys 5 bundle significantly to make our effects more accessible to music makers, mixers, and producers. Each plug-in we make adds unique creative options – and they are designed to complement each other. When Soundtoys effects are combined together in Effect Rack, the sonic possibilities are virtually endless. It takes mixing to the next level.”

soundtoys black friday

Get Little Radiator For Free!

Little Radiator adds a touch of 60s warmth; this modeled tube pre-amp is based on the Altec 1566A, a simple little preamp straight out of the Motown Era. Little Radiator drives and breaks up in very interesting ways, creating rich harmonic distortion, exactly like the 1566A. It’s great for fattening up bass, guitar, drums, or vocals. And it’s fantastic on electric piano.

This little beauty packs a punch 👊


About Soundtoys

Based in Burlington VT, Soundtoys (formerly Wave Mechanics) was founded in 1996 by Ken Bogdanowicz, the DSP effects designer behind the legendary H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer and the DSP4000 line of hardware signal processors from Eventide. Soundtoys develops world-class, creative signal-processing software for audio production, mixing, and sound design. Soundtoys users include Mike Dean, David Sitek, Phantogram, James Blake, Ariel Borujow, Jamie Lidell, Greg Wells, Dave Pensado, Tony Maserati, Tim Kelley, and Blake Mills.

Author Eric Brünjes
17th November, 2022

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