Soundcloud today launched a set of measures to aid artists during the Covid-19 crisis, including their new distribution platform Repost. 


In a blog post today (April 2nd) SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor announced that his company were launching Repost, “a full-service marketing and distribution engine”. Repost is a music platform that will allow artists to distribute their songs via “Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram and every major music service around the globe”. Artists will also be able to monetise their SoundCloud plays and gain access to SoundCloud’s marketing and promotional tools.

Repost will cost $30 per year or will be automatically included in the SoundCloud Pro Unlimited package, (which SoundCloud announced last week would be reduced to half price).

The launch of the Repost platform is part of a set of initiatives that SoundCloud have introduced in light of the impact the Covid-19 pandemic is having on the industry. In addition to Repost, the company has introduced a new financial support button that users can install on their SoundCloud page to direct fans to services like Kickstarter, Bandcamp, PayPal etc. 

Soundcloud has also made $5 million in free in-platform promotional support available to its users. In addition, the company have launched a $10 million ‘artist accelerator program’ which artists can apply for here.

Trainor said: “As the coronavirus crisis has unfolded, we’ve seen a global outpouring of tracks on SoundCloud–with a 50% surge in creators uploading in the past month alone. But behind this creative response, we know there continues to be financial loss and uncertainty for our creator community.”

Artist’s who distribute their songs through Repost will get to keep 80% of the revenue from music services like Spotify and Apple Music and 100% of revenue from SoundCloud plays.  

2nd April, 2020

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