Has Apple leaked how a new Logic Pro X might look with live triggering of loops and clips similar to Ableton’s Live?


According to popular gear site, MacRumors, an image on the education page of Apple’s website (since removed) appeared to show a new version of Logic featuring a variation on the Live Loops functionality that was added to GarageBand for iOS in 2016.

Logic Pro X

At this stage it’s speculation, but it could be that Apple, is now ready to take the GarageBand functionality and integrate it into Logic. On first glance, Logic users might have an alternative to the common DAW linear timeline used for jamming, recording and editing.

Taking a big leaf out of Abelton Live’s book, this ‘new’ Logic provides clips with loops displayed in cells to the right. I.E rather than vertical Session view it’s horizontally aligned instead. In that sense, it also borrows significantly from the pattern workflow found in FL Studio.

Logic Pro X

The assumption is the GarageBand of iOS, which this is borrowed from, was almost certainly a test run and the functionality in Logic will be more sophisticated. Apple will have likely gained significant data from it’s GarageBand users to help influence its design and implementation. However, it’s important to stress that Apple are not known for leaks and this ‘could’ be a mockup more than anything else. Yet with the aforementioned GarageBand integration and the Apple Loops Library it would seem an obvious, and possibly overdue step.

A question in our mind, with Apple world leaders in making devices, could they be tempted to make a controller? Perhaps a touch screen clip launcher for Logic or an app for your phone designed for that purpose?

Apple confirmed last week that, in light of current events, it’s offering free 90-day access to Logic Pro X so that everyone can make music with it.

30th March, 2020

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