Saffron has launched a digital subscription platform, Saffron Members, for womxn to connect and learn in the world of music tech.

Launched in Bristol five years ago by Laura Lewis-Paul, Saffron is a non-profit organisation aimed to challenge the gender imbalance in the music tech industry. With women currently making up just 5% of the industry, Saffron seeks to reclaim this traditionally male-oriented space by creating a safe space for women, female-identifying and non-binary people (womxn) to learn and develop confidence. 

For the last five years, the social enterprise has run many successful courses in music production, sound engineering, DJing and record label management in Bristol. In the wake up COVID-19, Saffron have looked for new ways to continue supporting their global community.

Womxn DJing on Saffron workshop

Their new digital members club, Saffron Members, will run online music tech workshops led by exciting guests hosts, including Emmavie, object blue and Yazzus. The community will come together each month for three workshop strands: Tech Dissect (music production/ creation/ engineering), Mix Nights (masterclasses and Q&As hosted Mix Nights DJ crew) and Creative Communications (an open surgery hour led by music PR and marketing expert Jenna Knight). 

The platform offers three tiers of subscription service, providing different levels of access to workshops and merch. Membership is priced at £5, £12 and £22 per month, but womxn who cannot afford this are able to access Saffron membership for free. A number of free bursary subscriptions made possible by Abbey Road Studios and Ableton, whilst individuals are also able to purchase a subscription as an anonymous ally and “pay it forward”. 

If you are interested to become a Saffron Member visit their Patreon page.

Author Arielle Domb
6th August, 2020

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