More Black Friday sales and discounts to take note of as Relab Development announce their seasonal sale.

Relab Development is a Denmark based company. They have created their own space (yup!) in pro audio for their acclaimed reverbs.

This Black Friday is a great opportunity to boost your reverb arsenal as their incredibly popular Relab Essentials is currently only $29.

Who Are Relab Development?

The Danish company might not be the best known amongst beatmakers and producers. However, they have been garnering accolades for well over a decade.

Their flawless emulations of revered hardware units, such as the Lexicon 480L, have been hugely popular with producers and engineers alike. Their products are currently in use at Skywalker Sound, Disney, Pinewood Studios, Warner Bros, Sony, NBC Universal, Ubisoft and many other top recording studios worldwide.

Relab Development was founded in 2006 after the release of the Plate, Ambience and Inverse reverb plugins for the Scope platform. They have since designed and developed products for both hardware and software companies in the audio industry, with the continued goal of creating premium quality software that emulates professional and well-known audio hardware.

Relab Development has established itself within television but their reverb, especially at the Black Friday price, is highly competitive and sounds great.

“We reached out to thousands of our users, and discovered that there was very high demand for affordable reverb emulations that not only capture the sound and feel of the original hardware but offer an interruption-free modern workflow for even the most demanding fast-paced production situations. This combination of zero-compromise sound quality, ease of use and affordability has made the LX480 Essentials an instant hit”

Martin Lind (Founder, Relab Development)

What’s on Sale This Black Friday?


SAVE 70%

Get it now for:


The LX480 Essentials not only faithfully captures the rich complex textures and lush spacious reverb tails of the classic hardware reverb unit, but it makes using them faster and easier than ever before and offers the following features:

  • Four of the most famous algorithmic presets from the original hardware…”Plate”, “Ambience”, “Hall”, and “Room”.
  • Signature presets from top mixers.
  • The ability to create almost any space, with tails that are deep, long and smooth.
  • Built-in hi and low pass filtering and pre-delay to keep your mixes clean and clutter-free.
  • An improved workflow based on simple yet modern key reverb settings and features.

Black Friday sale: Only $29 (Reg: $99.00)

18th November, 2021

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