Fresh on the heels of Fluid Pitch and Fluid Chords, Pitch Innovations introduces Groove Shaper – the “Ultimate Groove Machine“.

Groove Shaper is a creative, fun-focused creative sequencer for groove and rhythm. The new device from Pitch Innovations makes it easy to effortlessly craft hi-hats, basslines, short string motifs and more with just a single note.

Rhythm through Shapes

Use shapes to effortlessly generate groovy rhythms, allowing your creativity to flow freely like never be.

Intelligent Magic Dice

Generate captivating hi-hats, groovy bass-lines, harmonious chords, and enchanting ostinato strings effortlessly. Let the dice roll and spark instant inspiration!

groove shaper

Re-invent your Synths

Use a state-of-the-art sampler engine or host your favourite synths/samplers with Groove Shaper. This is defsinged to help unlock fresh ways to use your existing plugins by giving them a magical musical upgrade.

groove shaper
Groove Shaper in Dark Velvet Mode

System Requirements

Groove Shaper is a hosting-enabled MIDI FX plugin. You can host your favourite synths, samplers and plugins or if your DAW supports MIDI FX, you can use Groove Shaper MFX version.

  • DAW Compatibility: Ableton Live 9 and above, Logic Pro X – AU (Instrument & MIDI FX), Cubase, FL Studio, Studio One, Reaper ,Bitwig Studio
  • Format : AU (Mac Only), VST, VST3
  • Hardware : Intel, AMD, M1
  • Operating System : OS X 10.12 & above (New MacOS Ventura compatible), Windows 10 (64 bit)

Groove Shaper is out now at an intro price of$29 through Nov 18. Regular price $49.

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2nd November, 2023

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