Moodymann teams up with New Era to launch fashion label. Moog Matriach now shipping. PMC offering $5,000 development fund. Vinyl sales showing no signs of slowing.

Aphex Twin gig. This weekend, Aphex Twin plays his first London gig since his headline show at Field Day in 2017. The show, taking place in Printworks, armed with a custom LED rig, is his first club show in a whopping 10 years. It’s a pretty big deal, with tickets flying for £40 a pop, and a supporting bill made up of Afrodeutsche, Nihiloxica and Caterina Barbieri. One for the diaries but if you can’t make it it’s being live-streamed here.

Pandemonium in planet modular. Buchla has announced they are to reissue the iconic 100 Series modular synthesizer. One of the first ever modulars to be produced back in 1965, Buchla’s 100 Series Modular Synthesizer, is to be re-issued thanks to Todd Barton and San Francisco Tape Music Center co-founders Morton Subotnik and Ramon Sender. It stays true to the original, and in Subtonik’s words is made for ‘composers of the future’. Watch his interview below:

A New Era for Moodymann? Moodymann’s coming out of his shell in a new documentary in collaboration with New Era. He’ll be less… moody, maybe? The previously mysterious but prolific Detroit don gives insight into his personal life and beginnings of his Mohogani label. He’s also set up a fashion line with New Era in support. The documentary is out 17th September and you can shop the collection here. Attack will be giving away a few pieces next week from the collection so watch this space! In the meantime check out our Moodymann breakdown.

PMC scholarship for audio graduates. An exciting new opportunity for audio graduates has come about, courtesy of PMC. Audio graduates with a ‘desire to see real advances in audio technology’ will be given $5,000 to further their studies. It comes in an effort from the company to help the next generation of music makers and audio professionals. One student will selected each year for the scheme. More info here.

The Jungle book. A ‘revived re-issue’ of the acclaimed 1997 Origins of Jungle book will be out next year, it was revealed this week. Written by music critic Martin James, the book explores the origins and rise of jungle, now with added exclusive interviews with the scene’s legends and more. It’s out April next year and sounds incre-incre-incredible – if you catch our drift. Pre-order here.

Vinyl poised to outsell CDs for the first time since 1986. It’s come back around, hasn’t it? After a nosedive in CD sales and a rise in streaming online, those still eager to grab physical vinyl records are set to outweigh CD buyers. According to Recording Industry Association of America’s mid-year report, CD sales were declining three times as fast as vinyl sales were growing. But, by all means, bash out that NOW35 in the car if you still have a player. It’ll be hipster soon. More here.

Back to School. We have a 20% discount running till next Thursday. Save across the Attack store including on the new and truly awesome Cats on Synthesizers in Space T-Shirts. Check them here.

Cats on Synthesizers in Space
Cats on Synthesizers in Space – available now from Attack

The man with the golden headphones. Pioneer DJ has released the new gold-coloured version of their HDJ-X5BT headphone series: the HDJ-X5BT-N. The over-ear, Bluetooth headphones include quite a few sweet features making life on the go easy and comfortable. Golden oldies. More here.

Get the Amex’s ready. Moog’s Matriarch, announced earlier this year, has finally started to ship. At $1,999 it’s everything you would expect from Moog and early reviews are positive. The Matriarch stands out with it’s four-note paraphony allowing you to split the four oscillators up to play separate notes while they all share a single filter and envelope. That’s jsut the tip as this semi modular beast has countless patching options. Is it too early to make Xmas requests? All the details here.

Rumbles in the Scandinavian jungle. What will 69Euros get you these days you ask? Plenty in the UK that’s for sure but also the second hardware expansion for the OP-Z. Using hi-def vibrotactile technology, this small but powerful unit helps you ‘feel the music – like holding and listening to a deep sounding subwoofer’. 69Euros to carry 10-150hz in your pocket. Nice. Check it out here.

Gismart launch competition. Following the popularity of making music on the go via tablets and phones, Gismart, Akai and Splice have launched a competition to make a track using their #StreetMakerGo soundpack provided in the Beat Maker Go app. The competition is live for around four weeks. Phones aren’t just for ‘snake’ anymore. Download Beat Maker Go and get involved.

13th September, 2019

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