The electronic music world reacts to Donald Trump. Thump explore the link between vapourwave and fascism. Four Tet celebrates artists affected by Trump’s immigration ban.

Monolake cancels US tour. As the world continues to react to the baffling behaviour of new US president Donald Trump, some are taking direction. This German techno veteran is amongst them: he has cancelled live dates in the States to show his solidarity with those opposed to recent government actions. Read his full statement above.

Bandcamp speaks out in support of immigrants. The music platform will today be “donating 100% of our share of the proceeds of sales to the American Civil Liberties Union, who are working tirelessly to combat the discriminatory and unconstitutional actions [of the US administration].” Read a full statement here.

Four Tet’s favourite banned music. The Text boss has put together a playlist of music from artists who, right now, would not be allowed to travel to the US because they live in one of the seven countries who have add access revoked. You can read his comment on the matter on Instagram above, and find the playlist on Spotify.

Fascists and vapourwave. Thump take a look at how and why the dreamy soundscape movement has been co-opted by neo-Nazis, who seem keen to trace a line between artists like Macintosh Plus and Hitler favourite Wagner. Read all about it here.

Show me the money. The Guardian take an in-depth look at where live music income gets spent. Though you might think your ticket fee goes direct to the artist, it doesn’t, with much of it going on travel costs, production, managers, promoters and more. Read the breakdown here.

3rd February, 2017


  • Obama instated a travel ban on the SAME EXACT countries (2013), and the left said nothing! Statistically, Obama dropped a bomb on a muslim country every twenty minutes for eight years, and again0 the left said nothing! The left has become nothing more than virtue-signaling babies who are addicted to sounding good, looking good, and feeling good by way of calling anyone who disagrees with them, even a little bit, a “racist”. God damned fools.


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