New Moog, new book, new socks.

Is it launch time yet? In his new book, Plastic Dreams, Olivier Degorce tells the story of the French party scene in the 90s with more than 400 photographs and a bunch of essays. Details here.

Anyone for a quick launch? Moog have announced details of a new Minimoog Model D app for iOS. Read about it here.

Soft launch. “The fact that so many niche, experimental, supposedly avant garde music communities rely so heavily on a single corporate platform such as Facebook… seems anathema to everything the experimental arts and musical underground stands for.” Writing for the Guardian, Peter Meanwell explores music’s reliance on the social media platform for promotion. Read it here.

Get ready for the launch. Endearingly oddball modular synth company 4ms have released some new pink socks bearing their logo. Want them? Click here.

Here comes the launch. Fuse Audio Labs have released a plugin called TCS-68 which recreates the lo-fi sonic characteristics of the Tascam 688 8-track recorder. Check it out here.

Launch time! Ryuichi Sakamoto has modified a piano destroyed in the Great East Japan earthquake, allowing it to convert seismic waves into sound. Watch a video of the instrument in action here.

30th March, 2018

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