This week’s top mixes include Euphoria in Dance Music With Helix, Throwing Snow Throwing Shapes and Martha’s Preemptive Playback Party.

Euphoria in Dance Music With Helix. As Atlanta-based Helix returns to London’s Night Slugs imprint with three volumes of his Greatest Hits, he puts together an eight-track selection of his top euphoric moments in dance music. Stream above, download here.

Throwing Snow Throwing Shapes. “I wanted to touch on some tracks, new and old, that reference some of the same music that I have on my latest series of releases for Houndstooth.” London-based producer Throwing Snow, who has released EPs and remixes via labels like Local Action and Ho Tep, explains his mix for Dummy. “It’s focused on broken drum rhythms and breaks from 170bpm to 125bpm with a dark edge.” Stream above.

Nathan Fake’s Dekmantel Session. Having just released his new EP on Ninja Tune, experimental techno artist Nathan Fake features in the latest Dekmantel podcast. The hour-long session features unreleased music from himself and friends, as well as synth-heavy electro, acid and techno tracks from James Holden, Peverelist and Autechre. Stream and download above.

Kastle’s Garage Cuts 2. Self-professed techno-mystic producer and DJ Kastle, who was part of the first group of American artists to be inspired by dubstep, garage and other UK-centric styles, and also runs LA’s SYMBOLS imprint as well as its sub-label Display Series, returns with a set of 98-99 era UKG classics and four unreleased tracks of his own. Stream above, track list here.

Martha’s Preemptive Playback Party. Radar Radio‘s Martha is a DJ and documentary maker from Peckham, whose fortnightly show shares stories from underground music scenes and celebrates electronic music culture across the world. In her mix for RA, she puts together a selection of the heaviest bass music from all around the world. Stream above.

26th March, 2018

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