Captured by legendary photographer Terence Donovan, who spent a night at Que Club in 1996, the exhibition is to take place in April 2022 at Birmingham’s Museum & Art Gallery.

Terence Donovan captured 65 images from techno party House of God in 1996. Ten of these images will be on display.

Jez Collins discovered the lost photos whilst interviewing House of God founder Chris Wishart and will include them at the upcoming ‘In the Que’ exhibition.

Que Club, 1996

Terence was famous for photographing royalty and legends such as Princess Diana and Jimi Hendrix, and was introduced to Club Que by his son and DJ Dan Donovan.  Stepping out of his comfort zone, he captured the scene, which a special motive for normal, everyday people to let go, dance and enjoy themselves.

Que Club, 1996

We have project researcher Jez Collins and House of God founder Chris Wishart to thank for unearthing the monochrome pictures. The images were brought to light during their interview for a documentary based on Que clubs history.  

Terence Donovan

Que Club was first opened to club-goers in 1989 and quickly became a renowned UK house club. The venue was graced by artists from Daft Punk to David Bowie; creatives that made their mark in history.

Que Club, 1996

“He captured something of great beauty. The photographs are really evocative of what clubbing culture was like then… That intimacy, that closeness, that experience of being very close to people you don’t know and sharing in that same moment the same music — and dancing together. That sense of being part of something bigger than yourself”, told Jez Collins in his interview with the Guardian.

Photo: Terence Donovan Archive.

For more information visit the BMAAG website.


Author Britney Young
6th January, 2022

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