It’s rare to see an SP-1200 digital version, but Inphonik is looking to change that with the RX1200.

Following on from their RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter replicating the signal path of the Akai S950 in an effect plug-in, Inphonik returns.

The French firm has announced the RX1200 12-bit Sampler Instrument. It emulates the E-mu SP-1200 a revered sampler that has been used extensively in house and hip-hop. Famous for its 12-bit sound, the company states they have replicated that in plugin format.

RP1200 SP1200

RX1200 features :

  • 12-bit / 26.041 kHz sound processing
  • 32 sample slots
  • Tune/decay/mix settings
  • 8 assignable outputs
  • Switchable 4-pole resonant SSM2044 low-pass filter
  • Input amp stage modeling
  • Unrestricted sample length
  • Output channel setting for note groups and polyphony
  • Stereo and mono sample playback
  • Velocity sensibility
  • Visual waveform sample editor
  • MIDI chromatic play
  • Factory Collection of 900+ samples and 50 presets


  • 64-bit
  • VST 2, VST 3, AAX plug-in for Windows (Vista and higher)
  • VST 2, VST 3, AU, AAX plug-in for macOS (Intel & Apple Silicon, 10.9 and higher)
  • VST for Linux
  • Rack Extension for Reason (10.1 and higher for Windows and macOS)

The RX1200 features a 12-bit resolution, 26.041 kHz sample rate, SSM2044 low-pass filter emulation. It also features aliased pitch tuning that gives it that sound.

Furthermore, the RX1200 comes with an input amp emulation, giving producers the chance to crank it further. Load and edit samples across 4 banks of 8 pads and move the faders to tweak the sample’s note tuning, mixing volume, and decay envelope. The workflow is thus reminiscent of the original 90s workflow.

The GUI of the RX1200 is a re-imagination interface that simplifies it slightly. This is similar in nature to Baby Audio’s BA-1 which is a re-imagination rather than emulation. The dialing numbers and many system function buttons – are removed. This is because as a plug-in, the RX1200 doesn’t need to be operated as a standalone unit like the original.

The biggest difference is there is no internal sequencer. However, users can use any number of sequencers available natively in their DAW or for Live users with Max for Live devices such as Step Divide.

The company made other significant changes too. There is unrestricted sample length, stereo samples, and a large visual waveform sample editor.

The RX1200 ships with a sound bank of 900+ samples packed with 50 presets and more to follow.

The REX100 is available now 29 USD / 29 EUR / 26 GBP. It’s available on the Inphonik website.

E-mu is trademark of Creative Technology Ltd, SP-1200 is trademark of Rossum Electro-Music LLC. Inphonik and the RX1200 are not affiliated with these companies.

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Author Eric Brünjes
26th May, 2023

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