Charivari Detroit gears up for a tenth edition celebrating Detroit’s musical heritage and cultural diversity.

Since its inception in 2014, Charivari Detroit has been a shining light in the electronic music scene. The festival honours the city’s techno and house pioneers while bringing together a diverse community of music enthusiasts.

“What sets Charivari Detroit apart from other festivals is its commitment to fostering an inclusive environment,” said the festival organizers. Throughout the years, the festival has actively promoted the participation of underrepresented communities, ensuring that voices from all backgrounds are heard and appreciated.

“We are overjoyed and immensely grateful to reach this milestone – 10 years of Charivari Detroit! Our journey wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of our community, the astounding talent of our artists, and the continued faith of our partners,” expressed the organizers with enthusiasm.

The festival’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity has resonated with attendees, artists, and partners alike, creating a strong bond within the electronic music community in Detroit. As the city that birthed Techno, Detroit’s musical heritage holds immense significance, and Charivari Detroit has become a beacon of unity and inspiration.

The festival occurs from August 11th through August 13th at the Historic Fort Wayne Detroit. This year the lineup includes Delano Smith, Doc Martin, Glenn Underground, Karizma, DJ Minx, sillygirlcarmen, Eddie Fowlkes, Oscar P, DJ Lady D, Rick Wilhite, Rimarkable, Alton Miller, and Andrew Emil.

To help draw attention to the landmark celebration, Neal Andrew Emil Gustafson, and Jessica Fortune Fenner have written a substantial in-depth examination of the connection between Chicago House and Detroit techno. The article “From Chicago House To Detroit Techno” explores the exchange culture between these parallel movements, highlighting recording artists, studio productions, record labels, and some of the perhaps lesser-known relationships that have furthered this dynamic connection.

From Chicago House To Detroit Techno

Tickets are available for purchase on the Charivari Detroit Website costing $125 for all 4 days or $40 for a single day.

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Author Eric Brünjes
31st July, 2023

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