The EMS VCS3 dubbed ‘Behringer AKS Mini’ clone will begin shipping this summer for a reported $99.

German Synth giant Behringer has just released a teaser for their brand new miniature clone of the legendary EMS VCS3 synthesizer, dubbed the Behringer AKS Mini. Originally released in 1969, the VCS3 is widely considered the world’s first portable synthesizer.

We can expect the AKS Mini to start shipping this summer for a reported $99 (£81), a attractive price given the current cost of living crisis. The synth includes Behringer’s clones of the original VCS3 oscillators and filters but also goes a step further by adding a touchscreen keyboard, 16-step sequencer, built-in reverb, LFO, and an arpeggiator.

EMS VCS3 clone

What Behringer Say About EMS VCS3 Clone

Writing on Facebook, Behringer states:

“Some time ago we showed you a design draft of our AKS Mini, a scaled-down version of the VCS3 but with the exact same oscillators, filters etc. and of course the magic VCS sound.

Our final version has 3 VCO’s, a built-in arpeggiator and also a 16-step motion sequencer,” it continued.

“Retail price is targeted at US$ 99. Shipping is scheduled for coming summer. We hope you’re as much excited as we are.”

The company sparked interest in the product after tweeting an early prototype back In May 2022. At the time they wrote: “Some time ago we showed you a draft of our AKS Mini…

“We received such great feedback that we decided to build a prototype,” it continued.

The AKS Mini, being a scaled-down version of the VCS3 has to make some sacrifices, including ditching the original 16X16 pin modulation matrix. However the company is also reportedly working on a full-scale clone.

This release will be a part of Behringer’s ‘Soul Series of Synthesisers’, which sees the company looking to clone vintage classics in miniature form with low price tags. Along with the VCS3, Behringer are also reportedly developing a clone of the famous Yamaha CS-80 and Roland Jupiter-8 to add to this range.

While the company continues to release teasers, none of these synths have yet to hit the market, with Behringer blaming global chip shortages for the delays in production. Semiconductor shortages continue to impact manufacturers in the music industry and beyond and according to experts at S&P Global Engineering Solutions will continue all the way until late 2023 and even early 2024.

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Author Mac Severino
17th January, 2023

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