To celebrate 20 years in dance music, Beatport announces BPXX, including a new web experience and an initial program of events.

BPXX is a year-long celebration commemorating the company’s 20th anniversary. It features a slate of special programming and events, as well as retrospectives from the last 20 years of dance music, all centered around the theme “Music Is Unstoppable.”

The BPXX Capsuledigital web experience charts the course of Beatport, from the company’s first uploaded track – Steve Smooth’s “Beatfreaker” (Jay Walker and David Garcia Retromode Remix) – to present day initiatives that utilize proprietary technology to integrate Beatport and Beatsource directly into DJ software and hardware.

In recent years, Beatport has grown out of its DJ store shell and made acquisitions, particularly in the production space. They acquired Loopcloud and Plugin Boutique for music creation and ampsuite and LabelRadar in a play to own the funnel for labels, producers, artists and more.

In 2023, Beatport also acquired the dance music industry’s premier conference, International Music Summit Ibiza (IMS).

To celebrate leaving their teenage years behind, BPXX, is including:

BPXX Int’l Women’s Month – In March, the company will launch a series of films and features on the groundbreaking women in dance music and the challenges they face in a male-dominated culture.

BPXX Unstoppable @ IMS – In April, Beatport will launch a number of activations that spotlight the past, present and future of Beatport’s ecosystem, from DJs and managers to labels and producers. During IMS The Beatport Awards will return for the first time since 2011.

BPXX Unstoppable Pride – During the month of June, Beatport will celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community’s innumerable contributions to dance music culture.

CEO Robb McDaniels elaborates:

“Long before I joined the company as CEO seven years ago, Beatport was the dance music community’s central nervous system, as the unparalleled source of music for DJs around the world. We want to take 2024 to celebrate the incredible artists and DJs who have fueled dance music’s rise, the fans that make it possible, and the mavericks who are taking the culture into the future.”

For more information, visit Beatport. Find the BPXX website online.

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17th January, 2024

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