In a statement released this morning, the AlphaTheta Corporation, known as the designer and developer of Pioneer DJ has announced new products under a new brand AlphaTheta.

For 30 years, since the introduction of the CDJ-500 in 1994, Pioneer DJ has been the market leader for professional DJ products. Walk into 90% of the booths in the world, and you’ll see Pioneer DJ.

Today, the company developing Pioneer DJ has announced they are launching new products under the brand name AlphaTheta.

AlphaTheta refers to the brain wave frequencies achieved in optimal performance which music has, and often does, have the capacity to do.

The statement states the brand will continue collaborative relationships with its worldwide network of DJs, artists, and creators who’ve helped shape the products. The new brand, AlphaTheta promises to embrace diversity and inclusion while celebrating the playfulness of DJing and producing music.

Find out more about AlphaTheta.

Watch Quick Mix, powered by PioneerDJ on YouTube.

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23rd January, 2024


  • Mi opinión sobre los Dj es que estamos mal valorados en general y la música oh canción de un artista se hacen conocer gracias a los Dj y ahí dj que no valorizan el trabajo de otros Dj oh artista que viven de la música porque hoy en día salen nuevos Dj y cobran menos de lo que es y no respetan la trayectoria de la otra persona une Dj es como un artista solo que no cantamos pero lo expresamos poniendo la música y ninguno productora y artistas reconocen el trabajo del Dj cuando saben que gracias al Dj se hacen conocer a n el mundo se tenía que decir y se dijo

  • To me that looks like AlphaTheta’s portfolio. Is Pioneer interested to sell?


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