Arturia has released the MiniFuse range, a new collection of affordable recording interfaces.

Following on from the AudioFuse range of products, the MiniFuse is a new line of recording interfaces that target those looking for the Arturia quality at an affordable price. In short, you can now get that AudioFuse quality but at a fraction of the price.

The MiniFuse is a trio of interfaces. The Black MiniFuse 1&2 will be available in mid-October and the White MiniFuse 1 & 2 available from November. Further on the horizon is MiniFuse 4 that will be available in 2022.

The lineup of the three models starts at €99 with the MiniFuse 1. As expected, the feature set is the most limited with a single combo input for XLR and 1/4-inch instrument. If you are worried about quality, it has the same preamps, 110db dynamic range, five-year warranty and software bundle as the rest of the lineup. It’s just the reduced inputs that separate it from the others. You also can’t blend direct monitoring with the USB output, you can only switch between the two. It would work well for those working alone, or on the go.

As the name suggests the MiniFuse 2 comes with 2 in / 2 out audio & MIDI interface. For the extra spend, the €149 MiniFuse 2 adds a second input, MIDI in and out ports and has a mix control for balancing between direct monitoring of your input and what’s coming out of your PC. This will be of help when you don’t want latency and you might be a guitarist working with a vocalist etc.

MiniFuse 4 provides 4 in / 4 out audio & MIDI ports. Great for small bands. The price is TBC.

What’s in The MiniFuse Sofware pack?

Each purchase of the MiniFuse comes with:

  • Ableton Live Lite – The entry version of the popular DAW.
  • Arturia Analog Lab Intro – Instant access to 500 presets from V Collection instruments.
  • Arturia FX – Four emulations of vintage studio FX, from chorus to plate reverb.
  • Auto-Tune Unlimited 3-months free subscription – The industry’s favorite voice tuning plugin.
  • Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 LE – A well loved guitar plugin.
  • Splice 3-months free subscription – Access to the enormous Splice library.

29th September, 2021

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