With so many stories released every day, it’s easy to miss some. Here’s a round-up of some that took our interest this past month.

Never Say Die Records Call It Day

Despite the stoic name, Never Say Die is calling it a day. The highly influential bass musc label, has decided it’s time to move on to other things. The label formed in 2009 by SKisM grew a loyal following by releasing bass music from BadKlaat, Zomboy, Kompany, Oddpropher and many more.

We wish them well and thank them for the music.

Is There a Radio Station / Or Mix Series That You Find Matters Anymore?

Twitter, that famously nuanced debate platform, opened an interesting debate that’s worthy of revisiting. ME ME ME label boss, ManPower, posed the question below and it strikes at the heart of the internet – is there oversaturation in music and more widely music? Do things matter like they used to, and if not why not?

Elektron Introduces The Syntakt

If you have £794 to spare after spending £8,000 p.a on energy in the UK then drop it on the Syntakt and do your studio a favour. This little beauty is a 12-track drum machine and synthesizer that utilizes a hybrid of analogue and digital synthesis.

Syntakt is described by Elektron as a “drum specialist” that’s geared towards complex drum synthesis and sequencing. The Syntakt’s four analogue and eight digital tracks can also be used for melody, harmony and bass sounds but there are no sampling capabilities. Presumably, they want to keep selling the ever-popular Digitakt.

Find out more on Elektron. Buy out Elektron packs on the Attack store for Analog Rytm and Digitakt.

SmplTrek Needs Your Help To Get It Launched

If you’re lucky enough to travel and your flight isn’t cancelled, maybe try grabbing one of these for you (or the kids).

This proposed project on Kickstarter needs your support if sampling on the go is something you’re passionate about. We are, and so should you be. Get involved via IG below.

Find out more.

The Colossus AS200 Slims Down

Less is more.

The awesome Analogue Solutions has announced the Colossus AS200 Slim. I.E The Colossus with just a few calories shaved off.

The Slim is a ‘space-saving’ version of the original Colossus classic.

AS200 compromises very little to obtain its smaller footprint. It’s actually over 50% smaller, won’t hurt the wallet so much and has more mixer inputs. The unit is a little taller than the classic. It takes some of the features found in the classic’s horizontal console and flips them vertically.

Find out more on Colossus-Synth.

Aslice: Automating Playlist Performances And Payments

You’ve probably heard a great deal about Aslice lately. The company, founded by DVS1, automates the process of performers uploading their playlist text files: DJs submit a playlist and share a small percentage of the gig fee (suggested 5%).

Using proprietary machine learning technology, Aslice matches and distributes the money to the producers on the playlist. With Aslice’s approach – producers get paid when DJs play their music at gigs.

Journalist, Kristoffer Patrick Cornils raises some very curious points in his Twitter thread which starts with the question of whether PROs are doing their job or not. Worth a read.

Attack sat down with DVS1 at IMS this year and you can catch the full interview in may.


In the MI forum there is a bit of debate about exactly what was meant by the below:

On first glance, it would appear that the highly popular Mutable Instruments have decided to discontinue their range. The reasons would appear to be something to do with all the hurdles currently with supply chains and indeed hugely rising costs.

We’ll keep an eye out for further announcements but sadly it ties in with London Modular also announcing their store will close.

Teenage Engineering Releases TX-6

At over $60 a knob, TE has delivered exactly what the market has been looking for which is a tiny iPhone size, three band mixer costing a mere $1,199.  Nice. Two, please.

And that’s just the tiny unit itself though it does come with a 3.5 mm adapter for the main output, and a USB-C cable.

If you’re frivolous you may wish for extra cables, like a 3.5 mm to RCA or dual-TS adapter, and they will cost a reasonable $10 or $15.

As you might expect with TE it looks great. Stylish, slick and full of features. In addition, it gives you the freedom to mix together sound from six stereo inputs and output them to a computer, speaker, or both.

Only TE could pull off such a bold move.

Find out more on Teenage Engineering.

Dirtybird Unveils Web3 Nightclub “Birdhain”

Tweet tweet – Birdhain has landed.

If you want to go digital clubbing then you can now enjoy 24/7 DJ sets from Nikki Nair, Justin Jay, Mz Worthy and Catz ‘n Dogz in Dirtybird’s very own Birdhain.

While the door policy might not be as discerning as it is at Berghain, there are still entrance criteria. The Birdyverse is open to anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet but you must hold a Dirtybird Flight Club NFT to enter Birdhain.

Find out more.

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Author Eric Brünjes
30th April, 2022

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