“I always suggest not spending too much time tweaking sounds because this kills the energy flow of your expressions. Shape things at the end, once the idea is laid on the table. Then take your sweet time to perfect it as you wish”. Brian Cid takes us through his debut album ‘Meteorite Man’.

Meteorite Man is my debut album and my most personal project yet. It explores the realms of deep melodic techno, with a progressive touch. On a spiritual level, it is a sonic story of a self-exploratory adventure that searches for purpose and power within.

On the technical side, I focused on finding studios with greatanalogueg gear so I could sample sounds and then edit them. The process was smooth, enjoyable and natural; each track sets the ground for my next stepping-stone. My mind was evolving and my soul was finding its way to the next level. This whole album is, in essence, an expression of it all. Each track was created at a key moment in time, creating an on-going story of self-evolution and inner growth.

Brian Cid's Studio

Brian Cid’s Studio, East Village, Manhattan



The inspiration for the album opener came from a gift I received from a very special person at a really dark time in my life while in Brooklyn, NY. It was an actual meteorite rock, which I still hold dearly. I’d say that this marks the end of the old me in search of the new me… I just didn’t quite know it yet.

This dramatic composition builds up to a big clash of synths that interact with each other on a call & response style. A deep bassline rumbles, carrying an arpeggio that floats around morphing in search for answers. An explosion of drums and white noise marks loose conclusions as the intensity grows steadily, dissolving in a peaceful sea of pads. There is a haunting filtered vocal playing along in the background just loud enough for you to make up some of the words, and low enough for you to imagine the rest. It’s open to interpretation.

Brian Cid

Brian Cid’s Studio

I used the classic Juno 106 for the synth stabs, Moog Little Phatty for the bass and the Roland JX-3P for the strings. I am big on sampling sounds, it must be my engineering side, but I love shaping a sound into something unrecognizable. No calculations, just the creation of sonic shapes that help build the castle. I prefer to improvise as if I’m throwing paint at a canvas and then shaping it until it creates something beautiful.

Life is the same as not everything has a clear purpose. Nothing just happens without a reason. The universe makes no mistakes. Everything is slowly building and leading you to your final manifested destination.


Soledad can be a harsh word, but it’s actually a feeling we all experience at some point in order to give reason and purpose to the things we have. Soledad means ‘loneliness’ in Spanish. The track carries the sounds of the anger and confusion that I was feeling at the time. I was heartbroken and disappointed about the world I had created for myself.

I approached the track with a minimal style. Very clean drums cut straight to the point. The drums bounce at the mercy of a grungy bass which sets a mysterious undertone. I sampled the string of a guitar and created an arpeggio that surfs around the whole piece. I used heavy delays and slowly introduced the clean guitar sound on the break right before the lead synth kicks in.

A lonesome lazy synth is the expression of tears that then gets reinforced by a full string orchestra. A very dramatic moment that leads to the explosive drop. The Moog, the Roland JX-3P and analog drum sounds of the Roland TR-909 glue this piece into a speaker shaker powerhouse.


The lead track of the album is Limits for many reasons. Its big sound, pronounced melodies and chord structure make this track a true hero in big open spaces. The musical journey is led by filters that slowly introduce a simple, yet powerful lead synth, accompanied by an uplifting set of lows that help give meaning to it all.

This song follows the melancholy explored in Soledad but it also offers hope and resolution. Things are about to change, and in a big way, with brighter days ahead for me. This track is a reflection of self-empowerment.

I grabbed the sample of an old sine wave and created the lead melody. A flow of chords followed, and with some powerful 909 drums and shakers, the track quickly took shape.

My writing process is very fast. In a few hours, I will have typically completed 90% of the track. Then it takes me a few weeks to finish the details and shape it up to what I am looking for. I’ve been a producer for nearly 20 years, and a sound engineer for over a decade, so my ability to turn an idea into reality is somewhat mastered by now. I am at a point where I can truly write from the soul without technical challenges.

This allows me to be honest with you, honest with me, honest with the music. I always suggest not spending too much time tweaking sounds because this kills the energy flow of your expressions. Shape things up at the end once the idea is laid on the table. Then take your sweet time to perfect it as you wish.


A lot of my tracks have a combination of Spanish and English title names. Although born in NYC, I was raised in the Dominican Republic before making my way back to the States in the midst of my teenage years. The Hispanic culture lives in me and it reflects in everything I do. Ascenso is a powerful track and the title means ‘ascent’ or ‘to rise’.

I wrote this track while playing a few shows in Europe. At this point of the story, I am starting to gain my power back and I am starting to feel myself rise. I can now clearly envision the potential of who I can be and where I’m heading. This is greatly reflected on the break of the song. Notice the chord changes on the break and the sporadic effect that sets a new tone to the journey. It drops to a set of delayed and effected claps that slap hard dancing in a Latin-infused pattern. This is the sound of a joyous celebration. Dark, vintage-style pads move along creating a sense of forward motion, which reflects the new hope growing within me.

This track sets a pronounced mood especially on big stages, built with 909 drums, Juno synths and Moog basslines. The strings on this one are sampled and stacked on top of each other through an intricate, low pass filter I created with a very steep slope.


I believe that when you open your mind you start getting on a path of evolution as new information comes your way and changes the way you think. This information is delivered by higher beings that are guiding us to our most advanced form of self. These are my Friendly Strangers.

Friendly Strangers touches me in a way words can’t describe. I’ve listened back hundreds of times and it always makes my knees weak. I started it while in Argentina where the bright red sunset skies really impacted me. The chords are uplifting, powerful and surreal.

The sequence of the drums is welcoming and strong. The lead, which came from a Nord Lead 4 keyboard (one of my favourites), gives it a very warm tone blending it nicely with all of the strings and pads that support it. This track is dark and powerful; it’s built for big sound systems and a carefully chosen moment of the night which takes you on a deep journey straight to outer space.


I’ve travelled all over the Middle East and it is one of my favourite parts of the world. I feel a strong connection with its people, food and music. Big-hearted souls filled with passion and genuine love.

I started to create Amman Dolore after a show in Amman, Jordan. Believe it or not, it was one of the most proper shows I’ve ever played with a huge sound system, top notch beautiful setting and quality people. It was truly magical indeed.

What impacted me the most, was being part of one of the biggest parties ever thrown in that country. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I am contributing with the expansion of this underground scene all over the world. Introducing people to this powerful form of music expression, inspiring them positively. Infusing love and high frequencies that end up resonating in everyone’s life.

Creating a real impact, especially in countries that at some point have suffered a strong cultural segregation caused by misleading governments and people in power. Amman Dolore is an expression of that… the pain caused when people are not allowed to roam freely expressing their power within.

This is a very strong and dark track – and what makes it stand out is a grungy bass lead that sneaks in and out, making its way to an explosion of one of the most bizarre drum patterns I’ve ever created. These drum hits will turn the dancefloor upside down. Roland 808 and 909 on the drums, Moog bass and a muffled arp that hangs out, while stabs of filtered Juno synth hits make this another dancefloor monster that I’m very proud of.

Brian Cid's Studio

Brian Cid’s Roland TR-909


Quest is the album monster. A true techno warrior ready to destroy any moment of distraction and brings all feet back to the dance floor. This track is a weird combination of trippy minor-chord arpeggios and a straight to the point bassline that just keeps opening to its widest shape. Super minimal drums approach, mostly designed with the Roland TR-808 and a vague trip to the unknown on the break written with the soft synth brass sounds.

At this point in time, my feelings are back on track, I feel renewed and powerful with a defined purpose. A clear open mind with information flowing through. I am sharp as a knife, I am determined, ready to take over the world and QUEST.


One of the most powerful melodic tracks, a true dance floor king and a champion mood setter. I have played this track in the most epic moments of the night and it has always reigned on the dance floor. I’ve seen people tear up in front of me!

Eden was created while in Europe after understanding that it was time for me to look back and forgive for the things I punished myself for. It was time for me to accept who I was and who I wanted to be. It was time to understand that there is always a beginning, a new day, a new chance and an opportunity to be your best self, a new garden ready to blossom….this is Eden.

The melody is composed by brass sounds playing on a mid-low tone gliding through the composition and taking over as the lead. This brass sound came from a classic Yamaha Motif synthesizer I found in a studio deep in Brooklyn… Drums come from the TR-909 with the exception of the bongos… big reverbs on the intro and a filtered break leading the track to one of the most epic drops of the album.


This is an interesting one for many reasons. Straight up deep techno with an experimental touch, Liar Eyes continues the story I have set for myself. The sporadic random stabs of a vintage, off-tune Rhodes represents the way things are presented to us on a daily basis. A world filled with distractions,

judgements, expectations, illusions and lies. Where does it really end? We end it when we connect with our true self, setting the path to the unknown – which later becomes the known. In essence, all the answers live within us. They have always been there. We’ve been fooled to look for them outwards instead of inwards.

Once we detach ourselves from all of these distractions and connect to our inner universe, everything starts to line up and make sense. We realize how simple it really is. Liar Eyes sets a trippy tone on the dance floor and its break will make you surrender your attachment to lies.

A filtered combination of 808 and 909 kicks gave birth to the rhythm of this baby, while its melodies were written using a Dave Smith Mopho x4, as well as some sampling from my extensive sound collection which I’ve been collecting for nearly 15 years. Liar Eyes is a true eye opener and mental trip.


I couldn’t think of a better way to conclude my story of enlightenment, than a mind-bending combination of sounds that keep expanding and changing, creating a sonic rain that cleanses. This track is literally one that wipes out negative energy and restarts things up. I created this track not so long ago after a few deep spiritual experiences.

At this point, my mind has been flourished with new ideas and knowledge, clear perception, peace, gratitude, happiness, understanding, love, self-embracement, celebration and forgiveness – a strong flow of energy that took over me. I’ve become one with the universe, an instrument of the higher power, and a token to people in search of the same path. My art has become my tool and my purpose keeps finding new light. It’s so evident, it’s so clear to me. Nothing and nobody can interfere at this point. Door of Perception marks the end of a stage and the beginning of the next.

I will not disclose what I used to create this track… I will leave it up to your imagination. Just know that, the more you dig the more you find.

Brian Cid’s ‘Meteorite Man’ was released on December 7th via Balance Music. Find him on Facebook, Twitter , Soundcloud

21st December, 2018

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