Dave Robertson, better known as Reset Robot has a new record out on We Are The Brave. We asked him to run us through how he made it, track by track.


This was created during a trip to Orly in France, which is just south of Paris. I’d tried for ages to make this a techno track but it just wasn’t working. I somehow had the idea to add some breakbeat drums and suddenly it came to life! I found the Indian vocal and used Alligator Filter Gate in Reason to give it the stuttered effect.


Ramp came to life after a conversation with Alan. We both had the feeling the album needed a couple more ‘bangers’. So, I set to work and this popped out.

It all centres around the rising pad which was made using the KORG MS 2000, my old dusty friend. I used the KORG for the bass stabs as well. This works nicely on the dancefloor especially after the drop when the ride cymbals come in.


Another club focused track. I found an interesting preset on Grain in Reason which sounds similar to a hoover. Its present throughout the track filtering up and down to create suspense. For me, this is a set builder and something to drop before you want to tear the roof off!


One of my favourites from the album. This was also written after the initial submission of the album.

The chords were done using the Europa synth in Reason as were the pads. The arp that drops halfway through was made using the Moog Sub 37. It reminds of the euphoric Trance days of the late 90’s which is when I was first getting into dance music.


An all out club track! I made this around the same time as the tracks on my second release on WATB. This one rolls and builds and eventually drops with a big mid-range bass sound dominating the mix.

This was pretty much all done in the box except for the acidy arp at the end which was made on the Moog Sub 37.


All made using my KORG MS 2000. It has quite a futuristic/sci-fi vibe as if it was someone imagining the future from the 80’s or 90’s?

This was eventually dropped into a beat but I decided afterwards it was better as an interlude.


This is a wobbly, wet, chord driven techno track.

I submitted this without the chords first of all and it was ok but after playing it out live, it was clear that it needed something extra. Revisiting it, I added the chords using Thor from Reason and it made all the difference having tested it on the floor where it works really well now.


A heavy/proggy/Detroit kind of vibe.

This is based around a bubbling arp that runs all the way through the track. It has an uplifting feel but the beat and percussion are actually quite dark and I like the contrast.

The arp was made using Thor in Reason and quite heavily distorted using the Scream 4.


I made this using my Moog Sub 37.

The arp has 2 layers, one oscillator that stays constant whilst the second oscillator shifts in Frequency/pitch hence the name. I added the pad and bass in Reason later.


A sombre breakbeat track and also one of my fav’s from the album.

This started off with the bass which I made using my KORG MS 2000. I had tried this intitally as an ambient track but I after I tried some drums with it I was hooked on the new energy. The arp was made using the Moog Sub 37.


Probably the darkest track on the album.

This is a rolling atmospheric workout. The unusual percussive sound that runs through it was made using the Elektron Machinedrum. I love the eerie pad that washes around in the background as it creates significant tension when I play it out.


The title track from the album.

This is all about the bass on the 2nd drop for me. It took ages to get it to work but I’m really happy with how it sounds now. Both arp and bass were made on the Moog Sub 37. As you can tell, my Sub 37 gets a lot of use!

I think this track has a positive feel especially once you hear the bass and arp in tandem together.


‘Believer’ originally began life as a track under a side project I’m working on but on reflection, it actually seemed to fit this album perfectly and it was the right call to make it the last track.

In its original form the arp was different, I decided to change it and it works much better now. I love the big Trance pads which I made using Thor in Reason and the siren sound which drops at the end.

Reset Robot’s “Spiral Of Silence” is out June 26th on We Are The Brave. Find him on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.

24th June, 2019

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