BNR wunderkind Strip Steve reveals his Top Tracks and discloses an unlikely obsession with Coolio.

What’s the first record you ever bought?

Coolio – ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’. I was obsessed with it for some reason, listening to one compositional element after another. It was on repeat for at least a whole month; I must have played it 50 times a day.

The first time you heard electronic music?

I’m pretty sure it was a Thunderdome compilation, when I was seven or eight years old at summer camp in the mountains. The older guys smoking joints and playing ping pong all night were listening to it on a ghetto blaster. I didn’t really see what was so exciting about it.

The guaranteed floor-filler?

Tom Trago ‘Use Me Again’ (Carl Craig Rework). The use of the Millie Jackson loop is amazing. It’s dead simple and extremely contagious. Every time I wanna cheer up a dancefloor or have a hands-up finale I play this. I love the crazy flanger/short delay effect in Carl Craig’s remix.

The guilty pleasure?

I never find myself feeling guilty when I like a record, really… I think most people my age are the same. MTV and the interwebz’ fault, yo.

The last track of the night?

Rhythim is Rhythim ‘Strings of Life’. This track has kind of changed me on some level. It’s melancholic, full of hope too, and very energetic. Perfect for putting a beautiful night to the end.

29th June, 2012


  • haha so good. coolio and thunderdome = you a 90s baby! cool interview


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