Groove-heavy house cat Maayan Nidam lines up 80s classics from Kate Bush and George Michael alongside contemporary cuts from Nicolas Jaar and Fink in her Top Tracks picks.


What’s the first record you ever bought?

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here. My record collection started from my dad’s collection with some Led Zeppelin, Ray Charles and other Pink Floyd records, so it was only natural for me to go into a record store for the first time and buy something familiar. I also had a collection of tapes though; I think my first tape was Nirvana.

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Your favourite ever record?

‘She Can’t Love You’ – Chemise. I love soft hits and this one has so much emotion and such nice movement. I love playing it; I get everyone to sing the lyrics and do the background dance moves.

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The guilty pleasure?

As a Jew, guilt is a favourite game of mine, yet it’s hard for me to feel guilty about music. However, if you really insist, I guess ‘Careless Whisper’ by George Michael is a song I will always treasure. The lyrics are fantastic – ‘Guilty feet have got no rhythm’ – and if you like boats, this is a true yacht hit. Just watch the video!

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The last track of the night?

Kate Bush – ‘Babushka’. It’s nice after long hours of dancing to have a song you can go back home with. For people of my age it’s also reminiscent of a high school party.

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The best chillout record?

Fink – Distance and Time. It’s not really chillout, but it’s a big comfort to listen to on the plane back home or at other decompression times. It’s on rotation together with Beach House Teen Dream and A Hawk & A Hacksaw’s The way The Wind Blows.

26th June, 2012

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