“I remember when I first heard it being played in a club and I saw people dancing to it I thought they were taking the piss. Sadly, they were not.” Russ Yallop explains which house classic he just doesn’t get.


What’s the first record you ever bought?

I can’t think what the actual first 12″ I bought was, but one of the earliest that springs to mind is Tragedy Khadafi – ‘LA LA’. The Marley Marl remix is one of my favourite ever beats.

The first time you remember hearing electronic music?

The first time I remember hearing electronic music in any real context was the Big Beat Boutique in Brighton. I was a big hip hop head so the big beat movement was the perfect stepping stone as it was heavily influenced by hip hop and breaks. Though it really was just a stepping stone as it was long before I was a fully fledged 4/4 convert.

Your favourite ever record?

My favourite ever record? Wow, so many. A different day would be a different answer. Today I’m going to say Mathew Jonson – ‘Symphony Of The Apocalypse’. MJ is responsible for a lot of my favourite tracks, but this one I think may be his best work yet. If you’re ever at an after party and things are getting a bit flat, lock yourself away with this on your iPod and then re-enter the party fully energised. Not recommended if you’re pregnant or have a heart condition.

The guilty pleasure?

Ha ha probably loads. I’m open minded when it comes to music – if it has a great melody I like it. Don’t know if I should say this in public but the other day I was listening to Wim Mertens. Eek… It’s about as uncool as you can get but wow this guy can play!

The record everyone loves but you hate?

Joe Smooth – ‘The Promised Land’. A house ‘classic’ obviously way before my time. I remember when I first heard this being played in a club and I saw people dancing to it I thought they were taking the piss. Sadly, they were not.

27th August, 2013

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