‘Club Bad’ music night and label boss Melé breaks down a few of his top tracks, ranging from the ones he’s most proud of, to the worst he’s ever heard.

What’s the first record you ever bought?

I bought my first records on the same day when I was 12, they were Method Man and Busta Rhymes – “What’s Happening”, and Mary J Blige – “Love At First Sight”.

The first time you remember hearing electronic music?

It had always been around, but I remember being around 13 when my uncle played me “Diesel Power” by The Prodigy, and it actually registered.

Your favourite ever record?

It changes daily, but today I’m going to say either A Guy Called Gerald – “Voodoo Ray” or Aaliyah – “More Than A Woman”.

The guaranteed floor-filler?

George Morel – “Let’s Groove always”.

The guilty pleasure?

“Love Don’t Cost A Thing” by Jennifer Lopez.

The last track of the night?

Change – “The Glow Of Love”. I play this at the end of every ‘Club Bad’ show.

The best chillout record?

Aphex Twin – “#3” or Leftfield – “El Cid”.

The record everyone loves, but you hate?

I can’t stand “Hot In Herre” by Nelly.

The best record for a family party?

Micheal Jackson – “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”.

The soundtrack to a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Erykah Badu – “Mama’s Gun”, every time.

The worst record you’ve ever heard?

Anything by The Black Eyed Peas.

The record you’re most proud of?

“Groove La Afrika” or the one I did with Diplo and Busta Rhymes.

The future classic?

A new Eats Everything and Shermanology record called “Tell You What It Is!”.

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4th May, 2022

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