The garage- and jungle-inspired Leeds duo reveal their all-time best and worst tracks, from Sven Väth & DJ Dag to PJ & Duncan.

mak and pasteman

What’s the first record you ever bought?

Mak – The Terminator soundtrack on cassette. Loved the film and mood of this as a kid. Something in its sound moved me and I didn’t find that again until I heard jungle.

Pasteman – My first cassette was Mark Morrison – ‘Return of The Mack’.

The first time you remember hearing electronic music?

M – I had a Sven Väth and DJ Dag tape when I was around 13 and I was obsessed with it. I listened to its hypnotic beats over and over without really knowing what it was.

P – I grew up surrounded by it really. My dad was a DJ and our next door neighbour ran a rave sound system. I guess the first record I really remember hearing and being aware it was electronic music was 808 State – ‘Pacific State’.

Your favourite ever record?

M – Hard question! Serious Intention – ‘You Don’t Know’ is a contender. Early house/disco crossover. Oozes funk and has some infectious rhythms.

P – This is always a tough one to answer. I think it’s probably an old soul classic. Barbara Mason – ‘You Better Stop It’. Love the energy and production from such a classic record and the vocal has so much emotion.

The guaranteed floor-filler?

M – Last Magpie – ‘Roots’. Nuff said!

P – Bit self-indulgent but I reckon our Whitney Houston bootleg. MAP001.

The guilty pleasure?

M – Loads but I guess I love a bit of Luther Vandross. Cant say I feel guilty about it, though – he’s class! As for a true guilty pleasure, Madonna’s Immaculate Collection album! Bit of girly anthem album but classy as F!

P – Probably Bruno Mars. We sampled ‘Grenade’ on our first vinyl release, ‘Do The Same’.

The last track of the night?

M – Recently played Ram Jam – ‘Black Betty’. Went down a storm.

P – The Black Ghosts – ‘Full Moon (Appleblim & Komonazmuk Remix)’ I never tire of this record, the atmosphere lures you in and immerses you, it’s progressive  and emotive, an all time favourite.

12th November, 2013

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