We’re joined by techno royalty for a run through some of the most important music in Kevin Saunderson’s life. From disco classics to “the sort of record that changes the world”.


What’s the first record you ever bought?

Cerrone – ‘Supernature’. The first time I heard this record was in the Paradise Garage. It opened my mind, made me want to dance, sing and make music. It was so ahead of its time, the strings, vocals and arrangements really foretold what was going to happen in the world of dance music. It was as brilliant as Moroder was for Donna Summer.

The first time you remember hearing electronic music?

1981. Juan Atkins’ Cybotron was the first time ever. It changed my life and the funny thing is that I went to the same school as Juan and Derrick May too. This record represented another piece of the life-changing puzzle for me. Juan still inspires me to this day. We sometimes even tour as the Belleville Three (that was the name of our high school).

Your favourite ever record?

‘Good Life’ by Inner City. It was the culmination of everything I had been listening to and learning about what I loved about the Detroit sound, the techno, industrial and house sound. With Inner City, along with Paris Grey, I was able to put a cohesive unit together live and on record. We’re recording a new Inner City record now.

The guaranteed floor-filler?

‘Strings Of Life’ by Derrick May. As I mentioned, Derrick  was a buddy of mine but when I heard ‘Strings Of Life’, the puzzle not only changed but so did the game. Absolutely brilliant. That’s why this record still stands today. ‘Burnin’ by MK is another example of music that lives in our hearts and minds. These tunes are timeless.

28th October, 2013


  • Amazing guy, a serious pioneer. If it wasn’t for people like Kevin Saunderson credible dance music would not be where it is today. Managed to see Inner City live this year in Birmingham. From the first time of hearing it on vinyl to watching them all play live their music forever changed my perspective of what can be done with house music and techno. Know who you are dealing with, Big luv for these folk, always.

  • FYI the Cybotron and Inner City videos are not available in the U.S. (not that you have to change it, but I just figured I’d let you know).

  • (sorry, just the first Inner City video)

  • Thanks for letting us know, Ben. Unfortunately it’s not always possible to find embeddable videos which are available in all countries.

    If anyone can find alternatives please share them in the comments. That particular video for ‘Alleys Of Your Mind’ is just a shot of the label, but the ‘Good Life’ video is a late 80s classic.

  • Here’s a link for Good Life

    And here’s Alleys of Your Mind

  • Thanks Liam!


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