“It signifies a massive change in who I am as a person and as an artist.” Jozif talks us through the tracks that made him the man he is today.


The first time you remember hearing electronic music?

​It was around 1994 and my older brother, who was running illegal acid techno parties at the time in the back of a pub, ​played me some stuff that almost made me wanna throw up. I thought it was godawful as up till that point I had been listening to hip-hop and Guns N Roses! A year later I had a set of SoundLab DLP1s and was record shopping!

Your favourite ever record?

​It’s kinda impossible to answer this as it changes all the time depending on where I am in my life. There’s a couple of records that I can listen to over and over and again and never get tired of them but I’m not sure that makes them my favourite…?

Prodigy – ‘Poison’

Fat Back Band – ‘Let the Drums Speak’

Kenny Hawkes – ‘Sleaze Walking (Rob-in Fu**ing Remix)’

Odyssey – ‘Back To My Roots’


The guilty pleasure?​

I don’t have any, to be honest. Sounds a bit silly but I don’t feel guilty bout any of them – even Rick Astley!

7th October, 2014

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