Detroit producer and DJ Thomas Barnet releases his ‘Low Tech Funk’ collaboration EP with  Ecilo this month. In the latest instalment of our ‘Show & Tell’ feature, we asked him to tell us about his interests outside music.


The Psychedelic Experience – Mind Field S2 (Ep 2)

The ‘V-Sauce’ & ‘Veritasium’ YouTube pages are a couple of my ‘not-so’ guilty pleasures while surfing the web for mind-numbing, brain-candy. For the page I chose to share, V-Sauce, the host & creator, Michael Stevens, takes the viewer on fast-moving, mentally stimulating & thought-provoking leaps into the topic of choice with nothing less than surgical precision. Michael will take you down the rabbit hole with his posts, always veering far into the weeds with background info & related items that really feel beyond the topic of choice until he ties everything together and then VOILA he is back to the subject. If learning about a scientific approach to an Ayahuasca & DMT experience is something interesting to you, be sure to check out how Vsauce documents the experience in South America with a shaman (& camera crew) in this video.

From the Brink of Extinction (Ruins of Old Earth), Gary Schoenung documentary

This is a silent video, and it doesn’t take that long to notice why words aren’t necessary at all. The NewEarth page explores many less talked about questions concerning our foggy history by showcasing phenomena & unknown items from antiquity.  With this video we get to see a compilation of images of Earth’s lost past via GoogleEarth footage. Many of these sites may not have become known without our modern technology, and this begs the question: What else have we not found, and how old are the “first” civilizations really? Our hostess explores many of our planet’s oldest sites & ancient megalithic structures, many not known to most, as well as rare sites that must be so old & ancient that their estimated dates boggle the mind. Pre-pre-historic, lol. 

Solar Wind, QuakeWatch, Survival, Galactic Sheet GCR Suspicious 0bservers News Mar.31.2020

Every morning by 5 or 6 am Ben Davison has prepared a short video that offers a quick global weather forecast based primarily on the activities & scientific data collected about & from our star, the sun. Apparently, solar activity totally defines our Earth’s weather patterns, earthquakes, and many other natural occurrences & phenomena. When I first discovered this page years ago I was soon hooked with Ben’s satellite images & NASA footage of our sun’s daily activity.  Ben compiles information from other scientists from around the world & shares data which often is in stark contrast with contemporary theories & academia. He also is a strong supporter of the Electric Universe theory & The Thunderbolts Project.

Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full Documentary)

The Electric Universe theory has so many intriguing ideas that I couldn’t keep myself away from the constant updates & posts. One could write volumes about the electric universe theory and many have, so there is no shortage of info for anyone seeking more, but if I can whet your appetite just a little, I’ll give it a shot. So, according to the electric universe theory, the Earth was once a moon of Saturn & the planets were in a much different alignment not so long ago! Wow, right? Well, the theories come from “evidence” found on every corner of the planet via our ancient ancestors’ artwork that they left behind. Walls of caves, mountainsides, and wherever the oldest images are found on Earth all have very similar petroglyphs & hieroglyphs which these scientists translate as images & experiences these ancient people witnessed in the sky… Electrical happenings that were so amazing that all of these ancient cultures had to record what they witnessed via their earliest artworks. Fascinating stuff.

MW Fit Fitness Training Tuesday – Master Wong

One of the many things I love about watching & learning from Master Wong’s lessons is that the Dojo now can be wherever I am. If I happen to be on the road or far from home & want some quick workout ideas or lessons I just tune in to his page.  His lessons cover everyday life situations & basic self-defence advice, lessons, & tricks in a very relatable language & style that differs from other more dry & canned-feeling videos on martial arts. Master Wong knows how to keep the mood light with his comical nature and his ability to keep things real with how he delivers each presentation, and this is something you can count on when checking out his page. If you want to learn some Wing Chun Kung Fu, Tai Chi, or just wish to hone up some combat skills, in a no-nonsense approach, Master Wong is the way to go. In addition to street-fighting, you will also learn tips about nutrition, health, and other fitness-related benefits with each upload.

Lost Ancient Technology Of Jordan: Petra

This page is operated by Brien Forester, the lost world/hidden history/megalithic sitE adventurer & author, who also happens to be a tour guide to these amazing sites all around the planet.  Each location he takes you in these teaser videos could fill a library with information. If it’s like Jordan’s unexplained Petra, or Peru’s Puma Punku’s megalithic structures that defy explanation, Brien Forestor has been there or is going back to explore more of these massive constructions from a long-lost past, created with technology that we can not duplicate today. And THAT is what blows my mind & keeps me coming back to see more. Who made all this stuff? And how was Petra in Jordan made??? *sigh*

The Tiny Dot

I am an anarchist at heart and I think I always have been. I can’t speak for that many others, but I know that most people think in more of a group-think or tribal type of mentality. When you take these ideas a little further, and you write a book about the superstition of government authority like this page’s author, Larken Rose, then you may be onto something. Larken began his journey by falling prey to the nation’s tax laws I believe, and if anyone has had to pay exorbitant taxes on any item, it might not take long to understand the philosophy behind this ‘The Tiny Dot” video. We are the masses, might makes right, and just simple math are the tools Rose will use to bring the viewer over to his side of the field. How many of ‘them’ are there? And how many of ‘us’ are there? Hmmm???

Proof a Mysterious Lost Ancient GLOBAL Civilization Spanned Virtually the Entire Planet…

To follow along with my themes about our unknown distant past, I present to you the page called “Bright Insight” commandeered by Jimmy. His DIY approach to researching many of Earth’s ancient mysteries often brings a fresh & nearly academic approach to his subjects & topics. I have watched my share of conspiracy videos and I like to believe that I have a working and active ‘bullshit’ detector, and even if I don’t mind being ‘entertained’ by some of the crazy theories out there, Jimmy’s work stands out & doesn’t fall into that over-crowded category. The many coincidences & similarities between all the different cultures thousands of miles apart, thousands of years ago is largely what makes this video (as well as many others of his) so interesting. Step-pyramids, 100-ton building blocks that are thousands of years old & still in place, AND that handbag, what’s in the bag, the handbag that ancient cultures depict all around the globe… what’s in it?

Low Tech Funk EP is out 17th April.

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10th April, 2020

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