There’s more to life than music. In our Show & Tell series, artists talk us through some of their other interests. This time it’s the turn of London-based producer Third Son who has little interest in £900 lamps but does have an affinity for Monty Python, Louis Theroux and a 1950’s oscilloscope.


This is the ultimate documentary for me. In fact, it’s a piece of art. I’ve heard a few people say it’s a 3-hour essay but I think it’s much more. The level of research having to go through obscure video archives is mad.

Some leftfield theories (let’s say), but this film is the epic story of how we got to this strange place in time. It explains not only why these chaotic events are happening – but also why we, and our politicians, can’t understand them.

The Adam Buxton podcast

My go-to podcast when on the road.

He has a range of guests from Wes Anderson to Louis Theroux and rambles on with them occasionally hitting on poignant topics, but often just chatting amusing shit. My favourite podcasts are rambly ones. That’s where the magic happens. I also got quite into The Joe Rogan Experience recently as well, which has a similar setup. Buxton podcasts to check out – Richard Ayoade, Chris Morris and Richard Herring.

Louis Theroux

My life-long mentor, teacher and friend. I’ll always put Theroux on if I’m faced with the paradox of choice.

Favourites: weird weekends, wrestling, swingers, weird Christmas, porn, Westborough Baptist church. I really like things that on the face are quite silly and easy-going, but touch on deeper things. Louis is the king of this. Funnily enough he also grew up with Adam Buxton.

12 Rules for Life

Bought this book recently purely out of curiosity after hearing about its polarising reaction.

I quite like reading books that are outwardly provocative. The God Delusion was another one of those that comes to mind. These books are usually misunderstood and tongue-in-cheek statements get taken at face value. It’s also good click fodder. I would say that’s the genius of some of these writers.

Anyway, this book is pretty blunt, and I’d take it with a pinch of salt. If you’re not really into Nietzsche’s ideas, I’d probably stay away as well, but there are some interesting notes in there.

Sausage Pappardelle

This is the one dish I can do, really well.

I love Indian food, Japanese Food and Mexican, but sausage pappardelle is the only dish I would confidently invite Gordon Ramsey over to have for dinner. The reality is I probably make it way too rich, but Italian Sausage, top-quality olive oil, fresh rosemary, thyme and oregano goes a long way.

Oscilloscope shapes

I’ve had a mild fascination with an old 1950’s oscilloscope I picked up on eBay a while ago for £19.

More recently, I bought Hitachi Oscilloscope with an XY mode – you can feed two separate signals into it, offset them and create 3D (looking) shapes. Then you can go onto wolfram alpha (mega calculator) and determine the algorithms for complex shapes like cats, buildings, moustaches, anything. Getting nice and nerdy now.

Shopping for furniture but not actually buying anything

I recently moved into a new flat in London with my girlfriend and a mate.

The place was unfurnished and we’ve been slowly kitting it out – mainly due to the fact I’ve been going to furniture shops with £900 lamps. My taste is more expensive than I can afford, but hey ho, It’s fun to pretend.

Occasionally I’ll hit upon a bargain like this mid-century teak bedside table by G plan. I slightly feel like I’m Ed Norton in Fight Club as I talk about this crap, yet I feel like the opposite of Michael Jackson in the Martin Bashir doc.

Monty Python

One of the few things that never dies for me.

The first thing I ever saw from Monty was the Life of Brian and it was love at first sight. I also highly recommend the Holy Grail for those who haven’t seen any (where have you been?).

Quite a controversial one at the time, Life of Brian has often been described as a piss-take of the bible story of Jesus, which the writers deny. I don’t know if that was for a political reason at the time, it’s pretty obvious it’s a parody but highlights the paradox of religion.

Marriage Story

Watched this one a few nights ago on Netflix.

Essentially a movie about divorce but the script and cast are excellent. Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson and Laura Dern. It’s written in a way that opens your eyes to how difficult marriage (and divorce) can be. Has the best couples argument scene you’ll see.

It’s one of those movies that nothing really that dramatic happens, relative to the current trend in the cinema at the moment anyway. It’s more about the journey, but isn’t life?

Third Son’s “The You In You Isn’t The You You Thought Was In You” is out now on Poly Math. Find him on Facebook, Twitter & SoundCloud.

20th December, 2019

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