In our occasional video series, artists present a series of clips to introduce us to their interests outside music. This time it’s the turn of San Francisco-based house producer Andrew Rasse, aka Butane.

Let me just say I’m not a huge YouTube addict. I tend to read more articles than anything, and a few of the videos I had hoped to share were unavailable or removed for whatever copyright reasons, so I had to give this a little thought. Given the political climate of the day, starting off with a little comedy seems appropriate. Bill Hicks was a legend. Brilliant, sage man, and his words have aged well. This is one of my favourite bits of all time.

Speaking of comedy, if you haven’t seen Dave Chappelle’s Inside the Actor’s Studio, you’re missing out. One of the funniest, most talented guys of our generation. This is a must watch on the pitfalls and perils of fame, and shows how twisted the entertainment business can be from the perspective of a true artist.

Bill Burr on Yoko Ono is one of my favourite off-colour rants of all time. This is NSFW so please don’t get offended. If you think this is sexist, just flip the genders of everyone involved. See? Still hilarious.

Speaking of Yoko Ono, I’ll just leave this here. What is art?

And while we’re making fun of postmodern/contemporary ‘art’, I’m reminded of my favourite 60 Minutes segment of all time. RIP Morley Safer.

Ok, I’ll finish with something on a lighter note. I guess you could say this is my version of the ubiquitous ‘cat video’. I live on the West Coast now, and I’ve become obsessed with whales. When you’ve had too much internet for the day, nature is always the answer…


Butane’s Imperfections EP is out now on Alphahouse. Find him on Facebook and SoundCloud.

13th December, 2016

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