We put Pfirter to task on our quick-fire QnA.

Why music?

What else.

If you weren’t making music what would you be doing?

I’d be time travelling.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Never surrender.

What inspires you?

Nature, Love, Music, Cinema.

What’s the next big thing?


Lots of music coming out this year both on my own side as well as on my label MindTrip. We’ve been in a very good creative period in the past few months and I’m very much looking forward to sharing it with others.

Best club experience?

Berghain, 2009.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

I had a job in which I was meant to sell credit cards to random people over the phone for some big Company. It lasted for 1 week.

What was your last day job and when did you realise you could give it up?

See the previous question.

How do you know when a track’s finished?

When I realize that I’m starting to do changes that no one would notice or care about.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

The Bells by Jeff Mills, for what it represented to me and my generation when it was released.

What’s the easiest way to make it in the music industry?

Social Media Management.

What’s the worst track you’ve ever released?

Every track meant something while I’ve produced them. I don’t feel any regret for any of them in particular

Recommend us a film.

The Endless.

Recommend us a book.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

What or who is underrated?


What or who is overrated?


What are you addicted to?


What do you lust over?


What is your greatest regret?

That time when I said “no”.

What one thing would most improve your life?

An alarm clock.

What’s the worst gig you’ve ever played?

At a beach club in Argentina about 20 years ago. I was too young and did too many stupid things, but learned a few lessons too!

Collaboration: rich creative experience or pain in the ass?

Rich experience! Just be sure to select a partner with similar purpose and goals.

What’s the secret to a great mix?

There’re so many! Width, depth, transient control, punch, brightness… But it’s important to remind us that each track requires a different approach on the mix stage. I intend to mix the tracks so that they emphasize the message and intention of the track and whatever intensity I want to achieve, so every mix is a new little world.

If you could only listen to one more track, what would it be?

PC III’s “The Rise and Fall of Bossanova”

How do you relax?

Through meditation.

What one piece of software/kit could you not do without? Why?

Ableton! Been using this DAW since I started producing my own music, and it feels like an extensión of my hands now.

Art or money?


Ronaldo or Messi?

Messi all the way.

Strangest place you ever wrote a track?

In my car back in Buenos Aires with my laptop. Don’t ask me why.

Must-read blogs/forums?

I can’t think of any.

What’s your single biggest frustration in the music industry?


What’s your favourite label? Why?

First, one that comes to mind is Axis. It’s been so important in the development of Techno music and it remains relevant after 25 years or so. Timeless classic!

What’s the worst thing about making music?

Isolation. That’s why we do collaborations!

What’s your motto?

Say no to mottos.

Name something timeless.

A sunset.

Tweet us a tip. What’s the best production advice you can give in 140 characters or less?

Have a clear idea of the style and sound you want to achieve, and 60% of the job is done!

Complete this sentence: At heart I’m just a frustrated…

Nothing. No frustrations!

Can music change the world?

Music can change people and people can change the world. Art modifies our perception of the world in many ways constantly, and most especially today.

What are you listening to right now?

The pre-masters of an upcoming EP on MindTrip by Portuguese artist Nørbak.

What should you do before you die?

A soundtrack for a sci-fi movie.

Pfirter’s “Dosis Multiple” is out now on MindTrip Records. Find him on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.

3rd January, 2020

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