Glasgow’s finest show us round the studio where they made their new album.

Slam’s new album Reverse Proceed is out now on Soma. Buy it here. Slam play a live set at fabric on Saturday 29th November. More info here. Find them on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

4th November, 2014


    I’d like these articles to show more stuff, not just the main or most impressive pieces. Maybe their favourite effects…..

  • I agree. Show more stuff including any super cheap stuff so we have ideas on what could be had at garage sale prices. If they have cheap gear ask them how they use it. Whats in that rack left off the monitors and why so many hard drives. The My Studio series is the best part of this website, since you guys have access to these artistic spaces.. show some pride in this section and take us for some in depth tours.

  • +1

    Maybe add an interview with topics like how they started. How their workflow is (especially when working in teams), their relationship with gear, their thoughts about the devlopments of it, maybe some footage about them working live in the studio. It’s a shame that when you enter the cave you don’t take the whole treasure. (Just made this one up myself).

    Still enjoy your website and you guys are doing a great job!

  • David,

    Just some trainspotting:

    In the rack on the left side of the first picture I can see a budget TC Electronics FX unit (maybe the D-Two delay or the M-One multi-effector), a Nord Lead, and an Ensoniq DP/4 multi-effector. There’s also a Korg MS-10/20 on the right-hand side.


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