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“It can feel like you’re in a club, and without neighbours I can go 24 hours like that.” The German producer shows us round his studio.

Check out Christian Burkhardt’s upcoming EP on CB Sessions. Catch him at Cocoon London Building Six, November 22nd – more info here. Find him on SoundCloud and Facebook.

13th November, 2014

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  • Jeezuz, tracks sound like they could be made from Reason..that is…for all that sonic ammunition at his tips.

  • His stuff defiantly sounds fat but the summing individual tracks after sequencing in ableton seems like a daunting process. I love the compression on the busses but it’s a little over kill for the sound he’s going after. Interesting process for sure!

  • for me it`s about sounding different- not about sounding good.
    and i also use reason sometimes …

  • Hey Christian. What do you like about that Streetbox SB-246 …. should I buy one?

  • i like the rom samples. yeah go and get one- i paid 20 bucks…

  • Jeesuz? I wish I could make things sound that warm and lush in Reason. Would cure a lot of GAS, that’s for sure. Bzone, please share some Reason production tips then mate. Simple style, yes, it’s the genre, but the production sounds top notch.

  • @Christian thanks for the info on that SB-246 …. Always looking for cheap drum machines that have character. Im going to grab one. Now let me do you a favor in return .. The Boss DR-202 is a good cheap one with a ton of character.

  • Christian – thanks for blowing my mind to bits with your live set after Sascha Dive and before Mike Huckaby at Tape Club in May of 2009. I have been meaning to say thanks for that for 5 years. One of the best nights out in my life. Such a great vibe and crowd all the way around…non-stop dancing insanity. Cheers from SF, CA.

  • thanks cp,
    remember- was a great party!

  • Also noticed the hof automix, very underrated piece of gear and terribly difficult to find another one.


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