Danny Wolfers, better known as Legowelt, gives us a guided tour of his amazing gear-packed studio.

Legowelt’s The Paranormal Soul LP is out now on Clone Records.

7th January, 2013

  • penguin

    COol that you also interview some more ‘underground’ artists! I have been following Clone and also Legowelt for a long time

  • sabine

    Kids nowadays always think they need to get analogue gear, ’cause that’s where it’s at. That’s such bullshit

    so right…

  • andrew

    Synths too close to the fire.

  • sabine

    if you look exactly you can see its not a real flame more like led or something

  • Techschwar

    Wooden side panels and palm fronds are the best of friends.

  • frank

    anyone know the exact address, house number, postcode?

  • Nicolas

    This is probably one of the most ridiculously “unprofessional” looking setup I’ve ever seen. Yet, I don’t know many producers with such prolific, coherent and consistent output. Anyway, bonus points for the fake zebra carpet and the TRS-80 !

  • Adam

    Pimp shit.

  • Aladdin

    Sabine, damn what a dumm comment.. Kids? wich kids you talk about.. Legowelt is a collector since, hes not a kid.. The second thing, if you check hes music, i dont know if you can remake it whit digital gear.. Yes Remake maybe, but you would never come up on the ideas that he came up, first of all its LEgowelt, the second thing, digital software, your allready tired to get a bit life out of a line or lead, because it takes a half hour to get the tweaks nice.. Second thing analog is defenantly warmer, but todays plugins really getting close,.. and some are there allready..

    If checked hes previouse interviews, you know he DONT need it.. Because as he said, i like it as toys.. So no he dont need, but he use what he have, and discovered that this is the best for hem.. Because there is no fun in a plug..

  • Attack

    Hey Aladdin, check out the caption on the fifth slide (the DX100 and Microstation) – that’s Legowelt that Sabine’s quoting!

    For the record, Danny is definitely not an analogue purist. He uses a lot of digital hardware and software…

  • thaneco

    I dont like legowelt’s recent albums. I like smackos though!


    Thank you so much for the Mono Poly samples ! Great !

  • bmbrose

    Aladdin, Sabine was quoting M Wolfers.

  • M0b 5PaWn (@M0b_5PaWn)

    Hey Attack,

    These “My Studio” articles are super sick. If you don’t mind, I’d like to make a few requests. Just as possibilities for the future. 🙂

    – Daniel Avery
    – Digitalism
    – Com Truise

  • Attack

    We’ll see what we can do 😉

  • M0b 5PaWn (@M0b_5PaWn)


  • jeffrey

    Please do one for SHOOK!

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