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Apollo producer Charlie Baldwin shows us round his studio.

Kasket’s Synthesis EP is out now on Apollo. Find him on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

10th October, 2014

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  • This isn’t really on the same level as some of the other studios featured. Nice that he can do so much with so little, but not all that engaging to review…

  • Slightly harsh, Jocko. I’ve never really thought that the point of these articles was to show off how much stuff you have. That’s fun too obviously but just because you’ve got loads of stuff doesn’t mean your music’s good. Plus there are loads of artists making amazing music with very little hardware these days. It’s a nice look at how different people work. I hadn’t heard of Kasket before but if he’s signing records to R&S he must be doing OK.

  • Just to add, it would actually be kind of fun to see someone in here who doesn’t really use hardware. There must be a lot of producers who only use a laptop and monitors. Maybe show their favourite software?

  • Palms Trax, for example, makes amazingly techno/house-ie kind of stuff that sounds like it *should* come out of a hardware synth & rackmount setup, but he produces all on a laptop. (IIRC)

  • its nice to see how creative people can get with limited tools.

  • Would you describe that setup as limited though Matt?! He’s got 4 synths and some modular stuff and god knows how many plugins.

    I’d call an Akai 950 and an Atari ST with a turntable as a limited setup, but not this!


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