The mysterious Fauntleroy gives us a virtual tour of his creative space.

Fauntleroy’s debut release ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ is out now on his own label Anemone.

16th October, 2014


  • The push + synth integration I bet is going to show up in more and more studios – what has me curious is how he integrates Maschine into Ableton, I’ve not really managed to find a better workaround than having to route every output in the Maschine 2.0 VST to individual channels which makes loading saved kits / switching drum bits out aggravating since it resets the routing every time. I also haven’t figured out a good way to automate parameters in the VST from Ableton so you end up having two different sets of automation. Annoying.

  • I have the same gripes with Maschine, especially since 1.8 was so much better in that regard. But I’ve learned to just go with it. In a better world, the thing would work as 1.8 did, with the midi/routing integration much more manageable. But I’ve started to treat mine as something like an old school electribe es-1, which I used to just record in stereo and i was fine with that. I now use my maschine on every track, but more as an instrument that i can use to access all my NI stuff quickly, tweak with the knobs, build beats, etc. I sometimes have up to four instances of Maschine running in one ableton set that are all doing different things.

    The Beatles recorded albums bouncing everything around on a four track, so why can’t I make do, you know?


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