“Why the fuck are people still asking which one is the closest to the original (TB-303). Are people conducting science examinations or making music?” Honeysmack takes no prisoners and shows us his staggeringly cool studio.

Dr David Haberfeld is Honeysmack the ‘doctor of live acid techno’. If you’re going to do a doctorate in acid techno then it was only going to be a matter of time before you end up on the hallowed pages of Attack Magazine…

His dynamic performances and productions are purely hardware-based and centre on Roland’s iconic
machines of the 1980s including the TB-303, TR-909 and TR-808. These machines were pivotal in the
development of electronic music, and David continues to explore new contexts with these vintage
machines with a mix of new hardware and modular synthesis.

There are no laptops. There are no records. There is no CDJ. There are no USBs. This is not DJing. This is
live acid techno performed and produced in the moment.

We booked an appointment with the good doctor to show us his incredible studio in Melbourne.

Entity Remixes (vinyl + digital) including remixes by MSTKRFT and CJ Bolland is out on Awesome Soundwave in January 2022. Listen to Post Acid (digital) out now also on Awesome Soundwave.

Follow Honeysmack on Instagram and YouTube.

24th November, 2021

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