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“The PMCs are flush-mounted in my studio for maximum sonic yield. I almost cried the first time I switched them on. I’m still getting used to them but it feels great to have so much power in the room when I’m jamming.” Colin Benders shows us his stunning studio.

With a new EP ‘Rigmarole’ available to pre-order on Hiss & Hertz Colin Benders continues to evolve. His upcoming five-track odyssey takes the listener on a modular journey. Benders weaves a maze of intricate improvisations, hectic rhythmic landslides and mood-enslaved machine talk.

Recorded during the lockdown, like its predecessor, the album pledges to showcase the darker side of Benders’ live streams turned archival recordings, whilst shedding a broader light on his breadth of scope as a spur-of-the-moment conductor of highly demanding, circuit-bending symphonies of sorts.

Colin Benders has ditched the formulas for jam sessions on black wax thanks to the support of his community. We asked him to show us where and how he does this! Enter the modular world of Colin Benders…

Pre-order Rigmarole now at Hiss & Hertz.

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14th December, 2021

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