Following the recent release of their album ‘SOULACOASTA II’, we asked Close Counters to show us their studio.

Australian duo Finn Rees and Allan McConnell create a fusion of jazz, disco, and house under the name Close Counters. Their productions have been supported by some of the most well-respected names in the industry including Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 6), Jaguar (BBC Radio 1), and Folamour.

Speaking on their songwriting process the duo said, “Our approach to songwriting is constantly changing, sometimes one person will have an idea or demo and bring it to the other, and sometimes we will start with a blank canvas and make something from scratch, especially if there are extra collaborators involved – such as our live band members Matthew Hayes on bass and Lucky Pereira on drums, or the vocalists we featured, Allysha Joy and JAYDEAN.”

As part of Attack’s My Studio series, we asked Close Counters to show us their studio and favourite pieces of gear.

Stream Close Counters ‘SOULACOASTA II’ now!

Want to learn how to produce a disco track? Check out the Attacks tutorial using Toontrack plugins.

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13th March, 2023

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