Music is love, at least according to Oli Furness, who named his record label as such. We asked him to introduce himself, explaining his approach to quality control along the way.


Who are you?

Hello, my name is Oli Furness, label owner of Music Is Love Records, DJ, producer and all-round good guy (allegedly).

What do you sound like?

I sound like a cross between Liam Gallagher and Paddy from Phoenix Nights. My music sounds like house in all its various forms, from classic-sounding to forward-thinking house music. I make my music with machines, so I suppose I sound like house music made with old machines.

Why should we listen to you?

Well you shouldn’t have to do anything you don’t want unless you have a gun to your head and I don’t own a gun, so I would say if you wanted to listen to me that would be great and lower the gun crime rate.

What have you released so far? What else have you got coming out in the near future?

I have released tracks on a broad range of labels from straight-up classic stables like Nervous in New York to contemporary labels such as Skylax and Morris Audio. Next up for releases I’m back on Morris Audio again remixing Jonny Cade, then I have a release on my own imprint Music Is Love Records with another six or seven vinyl releases waiting to have dates confirmed. So quite a bit this year, which is nice.

What song sums you up? Why?

Ermmm, one song that sums me up… Jurassic 5 – ‘Quality Control’, because every action in my life is judged by my built-in quality control.

What or who is your biggest influence and why?

My biggest influences come not from one person but from day-to-day life, from small acts of kindness to random occurrences. If you keep an eye out for these things they can seep into your soul and affect and determine your mindset, from the mundane to the massive…

Where can we hear your music?

You can hear my music being played in sweaty clubs with low lighting, on beaches by the sea or if that’s not your bag Radio 1xtra and if you don’t like the radio then, well, there’s something wrong with you.

Where will you be in five years’ time?

In five years I would like to be running the label and DJ agency full time in a nice house in the country with my girlfriend, a big open fire and a dog. Yeah, that sounds like the good stuff.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

My first ever tattoo was a Wu Tang Clan tattoo on my arm because I got mad skills, broooooooooo.


Find Oli on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

4th March, 2014


  • Gent 🙂

  • good work oli=]


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