Rinse France resident DJ and Global Warming Records boss Malcolm introduces himself. 


Who Are You?

Hey, I’m Malcolm, human currently based in Paris, involved in music activities.

Where Are You From?

From both Argentinian and Scottish roots, born and raised in France.

What Do You Sound Like?

A blend of ethnic rhythms and loud deep bass, with hints of melancholy and ethereal sounds. I like it heavy, emotive and psychedelic. 

Why Should We Listen To You?

Well to me, music is not self-therapy or something, I’m making music to be listened to by the rest of the world. It’s always very personal in its shape and influences and is definitely a mirror of who I am somehow. It would be meaningless to me if no one cared about it. But if you want to listen to other things, it’s okay, there’s a lot of other really cool things out here. 

What Have You Released So Far? What Have You Got Coming Out In The Near Future?

I’ve made a few remixes and appearances on compilations these last two years, but now I’m releasing my first solo EP called ‘Baptem’ on March 20th. It features three originals including two collabs, one with the Belgium synth-master Marc Mélia, one with the voice of Moroccan DJ & artist ڭليثرGlitter٥٥, plus a remix from the brilliant Canadian sci-fi rave producer Nathan Micay. 

Which Of Your Tracks Sums You Up? Why?

Right now, I think ‘Badman’ coming up on my new EP is a pretty accurate mix of my influences, stepping between Jamaican roots and rave culture, introspective but still shaped for loud sound systems. 

How Did You Get Into DJ’ing/Producing To Begin With?

I was throwing parties back when I was 19, and none of my DJ friends wanted to play the warm-up. So I started doing it, playing garage & jungle. Production came a few years later, making downtempo edits of breakbeats and techno tunes I liked, sometimes adding a few rhythmic or cinematic elements here and there. Then I was asked to do a remix and that was the proper start of everything. 

What Are The Three Things On Your Studio Shopping List?

Speakers, definitely. so that counts as two. And a pack of those fancy vegetable crisps, love them. Otherwise, my Macbook, Ableton and a few plugins are everything I need and want. 

What Or Who Is Your Biggest Influence And Why?

Movie trailers, I get super inspired by them. They need to be thrilling, epic, catch your attention and tell you a story all at the same time, and all in 2/3 minutes, I find that sick. 

Who Or What Have You Sacrificed For Your Art?

Sleep, definitely. Also my liver sometimes. 

Where Can We Hear Your Music?

On your headphones in the subway would be a pretty accurate setup. You’ll find me on SoundCloud & Spotify amongst others.

What Song Would Feature On The Soundtrack To Your Life?

Brazil from Luke Abbott.

What Motivates You?

Honestly, feedback does. It’s quite simple but when I read positive comments and see plays growing on a tune, I really get a massive creative boost. 

Tell Us An Interesting Fact About Yourself…

I just came back from Palermo where I went to live for a month, that was intense. The city is a Mediterranean version of Gotham City, full of contrasts, magnificent & dirty, peaceful & noisy, sunny & gloomy… A real boiler that makes you feel alive. 

What’s The Best Bit Of Advice You’ve Received?

Success comes from two things: preparation and opportunity (from my girlfriend (who actually stole it from FKA Twigs).

Where Will You Be In Five Years’ Time?

In the kitchen, cooking something, somewhere around the globe. 

Malcolm’s ‘Baptem’ EP is out on Biologic. Find him on Facebook, SoundCloud and Instagram.

16th March, 2020

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