We spoke to HAAi at CRSSD Festival to ask the popular tastemaker, producer and DJ her favorite tracks.

HAAi – the Australian-born, London-based DJ and producer – is one of the most sought after tastemakers currently working in dance music.

Moving to London a little over a decade ago, HAAi started DJing at a bar in Dalston where she found her niche. She’d already started collecting records, teaching herself how to mix records on the job and producing her own music at home. And it didn’t take long for her to catch the attention of a booker at Phonox, where she subsequently became their resident DJ. 

From there, HAAi’s ascent has been swift. After releasing a couple of well-received EPs on her own label, Coconut BeatsBe Good and Motorik Voodoo Bush Doof Musik – she came out with Systems Up, Windows Down, released on Mute in 2019, followed by Put Your Head Above The Parakeets in 2020. “That’s when it all kicked off,” says HAAi.

We tracked her down at Septembers CRSSD Festival in San Diego and asked her to introduce us to her Top Tracks.


Artist: LVCA & Marlon

Track: Hang Out With Your Computer [Sock It To Me]

So the first record that I chose was on a recommendation from the Chapter One Records, Luca and Marlon. I’ve heard great things about it. I really love the graphics, and it came from the minimal breaks pile, so that came heavily recommended to me. Very happy about that.


Artist: VTSS

Track: Hang Out With Your Computer [Sock It To Me]

VTSS is a really good friend of mine. I love her production. I thought it was essential to get a good blend of heritage and future-facing artists and I see VTSS as a real future-facing, real voice of now kind of thing. I love how she DJs. She’s great fun and it’s a great record.

vtss, HAAi

Artist: SSLA

Track: Various Artists 001

Another recommendation from the Chapter One team. I haven’t heard it yet, but it’s come highly recommended by people with good taste…so I think I’ll take the advice!


Artist: Nehneh Cherry

Track: Manchild

Neneh Cherry. I mean, as if you’re going to go past anything by her, like anything to do with Massive Attack. What a great combo.

I actually have a funny story in that I used to work with her daughter in a bar in London, which is where I first started DJing. So I feel it’s also got a little bit of personal history. I’m also a massive Don Cherry fan.

Nehneh Cherry , HAAi

Artist: Daft Punk

Track: Random Access Memories

Finally, Daft Punk Random Access Memories. I mean, what is there to say that’s not already been said? I just think you’d be a fool to skip past this one. Also, I thought it was going to make for a great picture..! 📸


Photos courtesy of CRSSD Festival // Daniela Becerra

Find HAAi on Instagram, X and Soundcloud.

For more information on CRSSD visit the website or follow them on Instagram.

A few pics from CRSSD 2023.

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12th October, 2023

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