Jason Amm shows us around the studio where he created the soundtrack for the excellent I Dream Of Wires modular synth documentary.

Check out our review of I Dream Of Wires here. Solvent’s New Ways: Music From The Documentary I Dream of Wires is out on February 11th on Suction Records. Find him on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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  • Phil A Wrote:



  • Chim Wrote:

    May I have your studio address and dates of your next vacation please! 😉

  • Aaron Wrote:

    Yeah, that CS-5 should be in a museum of some kind. MOMA, maybe?

  • Aaron Wrote:

    ….though, I agree that it should be played instead of simply displayed.

  • Ben Wrote:

    Traded my DRM for a mint 106, regretting a little but honestly it’s pretty big for my smalli’sh studio space.

  • Ben Wrote:

    Above post was meant for the Drum machine story, oops.

  • gustavo Wrote:

    Hey, check out this material:

  • Andy T Wrote:

    “to my ears this synth does early-80s Vince Clarke-type sounds better than a Pro-One, despite the fact that the Pro-One is what Vince was mainly using”

    Perfectly sums up how personal and subjective music is!