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Ali Wells shows us around his north London bedroom studio. Check out our accompanying interview here.

The Power And The Glory is out now on Perc Trax.

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  • joshua Wrote:

    i love that people think the volca is a toy. some people thought the 909 was a toy when it came out. i love making grooves with BD and toms where you can construct an actual bassline, similar to what he was talking about in the full interview with the m.base and the LFO. Sure, standalone its a fun little backpack groovebox toy but push it and its a great tool.

  • Ali Wrote:

    That track is the most terrible track I’ve heard all month. Almost as terrible as Lee Curtiss’ Freaks… lol look it up on sound cloud its terrible but what would else would you expect from that dude?

  • Ila Wrote:

    Ali, Reckon I’d consider that a compliment!

  • charnk Wrote:

    I think this track is kick ass. Ali is a dope.