In our latest YouTube review, we take a look at two new plugins Deepener and Widener. These AI-powered plugins come from Master Tones a new company in pro-audio.

In our latest review, we’re testing out Master Tones Deepener and Widener. If you are looking for a way to add polish, presence, or width to a mix then these might be worth consideration.

As we know, traditionally width can be applied in any number of ways. This might include panning, duplicating, or sample delay. However, these days there are many plugins that do a large part of the job for you. Widener is one such plugin and with a limited feature set, it’s very simple to install, user friendly, and worth a try. You get 14 days free so if after the fortnight has passed you prefer your tracks without it then good – no expense lost.

Deepener is an altogether different and interesting proposition. We’re not sure there is much on the market similar to it right now. Deepener advertises the ability to shift the center of the sound stage. Confused? Then check it out in the video.

If you like the plugins Master Tones are giving Attack readers $40 off their purchase. Just use attackmag40 at checkout. This promo ends December 31st at midnight GMT!

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16th December, 2021

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